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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Portrayal of Women Identities in The Two Main Characters of Cerita Calon Arang by Pramoedya Ananta Toer and Janda Dari Jirah by Cok SawitriKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Maria L. A. F., Suzana; Tehusalawany, Christa A. Y.
2013The Protagonist' Search For Meaning: A Psycho existentialism Analysis of NingKristono, Lany; Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Silviana Sari, Andhini
2013Reader Response to the Violence Against Women in the Movie 'Perempuan Berkalung Sorban' by Hanung BramantyoDonelson-Sims, Danielle; Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Pita, Yunita Paulina
2015Social Ecofeminist Analysis of Katniss, as The Main Woman Character from The Hunger GamesKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Maria, Deta; Danica, Gabriella Lisa
2013The Social Position of Women as Reflected in Ahmad Tohari’s Trilogi Ronggeng Dukuh ParukKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Maria L. A. F., Suzana; Pangalila, Jaqueline Rosarina
2013-11State Policy and English Language Teaching For RefugeesKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Kurniawati, Anita
2013The Unsuccessful Class Struggle As Represented By Kino’s Experience in John Steinbeck’s “The Pearl”Kristono, Lany; Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Christy, Rut Arsari
2013What Gender Stereotypes Are Shown In The Responses Of Four Members Of Gereja Utusan Pantekosta Di Indonesia Towards Proverbs 31:26?Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Donelson Sims., Danielle; Puspasari, Rosetta
2013Women Rivalry: How Women Define Other Women as Enemies Reflected in an Indonesian Telecinema "Putih Abu-Abu"Donelson-Sims, Danielle; Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Puteri, Jessyca Dian Purnama