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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Needs Analysis on Grammatical Aspects in Textbooks For Students of Performing Arts at Satya Wacana Christian UniversityAstika, I Gusti; Toar, Dian; Larasati, Maria Lusia Anindya
2014Analysis of Speaking Activities in Pathway to English: A Textbook Based on 2013 CurriculumAstika, I Gusti; Zacharias, Nugrahenny T.; Dorothea, Linea
2014Analysis of Task Formats for Reading Comprehension in SMA TextbooksAstika, I Gusti; Palupi, Victoria Usadya; Kuswandari, Anik
2014Grammar Gaps Between the Reading Passages in Executive English Reading Coursebook and An Economic Textbook: A Study in the Faculty of Economics and Business StudentsAstika, I Gusti; Timotius, Anne Indrayanti; Soekias, Kethryne Rothe
2014Indonesian Students' Perception Towards English Text Spoken by Japanese and Korean StudentsAstika, I Gusti; Pattiwael, Athriyana Santye; Wahyono, Sherly Christiana
2014Language Learning Strategy of Integrated Course Students at English Deparment of Satya Wacana Christian UniversityAstika, I Gusti; Pattiwael, Athriyana Santye; Aryani, Renaningtyas
2014Problems Faced by English Department Students of Satya Wacana Christian University in Integrated CourseAstika, I Gusti; Timotius, Anne Indrayanti; Nanda, Steffie Lissia
2014Satya Wacana Christian University Math Science Students' Strategies in Learning VocabularyAstika, I Gusti; Nandari, Martha; Handoko, Yustian
2014Students' Attitude Toward Learning English in SD N Sumogawe 04Astika, I Gusti; Handoko, Martha Nandari S.; Styaningrum, Dwi
2014Students' Perception toward the Use of English in Teaching English for First Grade of Vocational High School of SMK Negeri 1 SalatigaAstika, I Gusti; Pattiwael, Athriyana Santye; Utomo, Ridwan Pasca
2014Students' Perceptions in Learning English Using Group Work ActivitiesAstika, I Gusti; Nandari, Martha; Wellington, Ivana Arlene
2014Students' Perceptions toward Teachers' Use of Bahasa Indonesia in English Learning ClassroomAnita Kurniawati H; Astika, I Gusti; Permatasari, Rike Rizkia
2014Students' Perceptions Toward The Eligibility of Native and Non-Native English-Speaking Teachers in Teaching Interpersonal Speaking Course at The English Department of Satya Wacana Christian UniversityHandoko, Martha Nandari S.; Astika, I Gusti; Febrianto, Cyrillus Candra Yosi
2014Students' Strategies in Learning English Vocabularies: A Study in PGSD-BI of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Satya Wacana Christian UniversityTimotius, Anne Indrayanti; Astika, I Gusti; Firmansyah, Afidha Satria
2014Teachers' Beliefs Toward Assessment in Extensive Reading courseAstika, I Gusti; Septiana, Chandni Devi
2014Teachers' Understanding Towards The Use of Total Physical Response in SalatigaKurniawati, Anita; Astika, I Gusti; Desembery, Sweety
2014Test-Taking Strategies of Reading in the TOEFL Test A Case Study At English Department of Satya Wacana Christian University: SalatigaAstika, I Gusti; Pattiwael, Athriyana Santye; Kusmantoro, Stefanus Yoga
2014The Correlation Between Students' Motivation and Their Scores in Integrated CourseAstika, I Gusti; Isharyanti, Neny; Terviana, Agnes Yulia
2014The Effectiveness Of Teacher's Written Feedback For Guided Writing StudentsSari, Sesilia Rani Setyo; Astika, I Gusti; Faradita, Intan
2014The Study of Code Swithching in StorytellingAstika, I Gusti; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Ratnasary, Eren