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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Psychoanalysis on Edgar Allan Poe's Black CatKwee, Ayu Hapsari Kurniawan
2015Amir Agha’s Id, Ego, and Superego Seen through His Internal Conflicts in Hosseini’s The Kite RunnerLesnussa, Neidy Naftaly
2015An Analysis of Symbol through External Conflict faced by Olympia in Steel's Coming OutYolanda, Berta
2016An Analysis of Theme Through Simba’s Internal Conflicts in The Lion King Drama ScriptLombe’, Resky Sanda
2015Basil’s Inconsistent and Unpredictable Personality in Harris’s Not A Day Goes By A Psychological AnalysisMichaella, Sonya
2017Beauty and The CitySitumorang, Christian Paskah Pardamean
2015Binary Opposition of Calon Arang and Empu Baradah in Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s The King, The Witch and The PriestTriyanto
2017CarnivalArdiansah, Fajar
Nov-2011Character Building through Poems: An Interactive Approach in Teaching PoetryDarta, Deta Maria Sri; Maria L.A.F., Suzana
2018Creative Writing Final Project Here I Am in The A.M.Roswita, Agnes Yustin
Nov-2013Family Language Policy of Using Bilingual Children Story Books: Two Sides of a CoinDarta, Deta Maria Sri
2017Fate of the PoorSitorus, Rosalina
2015Feminist Analysis of Woman’s Situation in Test Pack NovelArundyna, Kartika
2017Firdaus’ Struggles for Emancipation Towards Patriarchal Culture in Nawal El Saadawi’s Woman at Point ZeroAryanti, Rosalia Angelita
2017Grayscaled HueRudiyanto, Edwin
2017Hell and HopeHartono, Kezia Melva
2013A Marxist Analysis of Social Classes and Exploitation of the Lower Class in Suzanne Collins' The Hunger GamesRimun, Jennifer Cristy
2017The Murder in The HovelAmalia, Siti Badriyah Desy
2015Nyai Ontosoroh ; A Concubine Phenomenon A la Pramoedya Ananta ToerS., A. Aditya Satria
2017P. Ando R. A.Bimantoro, Andika Ahmad