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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Psychoanalysis on Edgar Allan Poe's Black CatDonelson, Danielle; Darta, Deta Maria Sri; Kwee, Ayu Hapsari Kurniawan
2015Amir Agha’s Id, Ego, and Superego Seen through His Internal Conflicts in Hosseini’s The Kite RunnerDarta, Deta Maria Sri; Lesnussa, Neidy Naftaly
2015An Analysis of Symbol through External Conflict faced by Olympia in Steel's Coming OutDarta, Deta Maria Sri; Yolanda, Berta
2016An Analysis of Theme Through Simba’s Internal Conflicts in The Lion King Drama ScriptDarta, Deta Maria Sri; Lombe’, Resky Sanda
2015Basil’s Inconsistent and Unpredictable Personality in Harris’s Not A Day Goes By A Psychological AnalysisDarta, Deta Maria Sri; Michaella, Sonya
2015Binary Opposition of Calon Arang and Empu Baradah in Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s The King, The Witch and The PriestDarta, Deta Maria Sri; Triyanto
2011-11Character Building through Poems: An Interactive Approach in Teaching PoetryDarta, Deta Maria Sri; Maria L.A.F., Suzana
2013-11Family Language Policy of Using Bilingual Children Story Books: Two Sides of a CoinDarta, Deta Maria Sri
2015Feminist Analysis of Woman’s Situation in Test Pack NovelKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Darta, Deta Maria Sri; Arundyna, Kartika
2013A Marxist Analysis of Social Classes and Exploitation of the Lower Class in Suzanne Collins' The Hunger GamesDonelson-Sims, Danielle; Darta, Deta Maria Sri; Rimun, Jennifer Cristy
2015Nyai Ontosoroh ; A Concubine Phenomenon A la Pramoedya Ananta ToerKristono, Lany; Darta, Deta Maria Sri; S., A. Aditya Satria
2012-05The Power of the Language of Talk Shows to Develop Society's AwarenessDarta, Deta Maria Sri
2014Unlocking the Importance of Dreams: A Psychoanalytic Reading in InceptionDonelson, Danielle; Darta, Deta Maria Sri; Rahardjo, Dwi Setianingsih
2014Women's Power as Depicted in The Scent of Sake by Joyce LebraKristono, Lany; Darta, Deta Maria Sri; Palupi, Ester Sekar