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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-07Acorpus-Basedresearai of Adjecfive+ Preposition Patterns Found in English as Second Language (ESL) Learners' HandoutAgustina, Rika; Husada, Hendro Setiawan
2013An Analysis of Learning Needs in ESP Course at Faculty of Information and TechnologyHusada, Hendro Setiawan; Sari, Sesilia Rani Setyo; Pinandita, Indreswari
2011An Analysis of Teacher Questions Used by an English Teacher at an Elementary SchoolKaryanto, Andriani; Husada, Hendro Setiawan; Kurniawan, Ferry
2012The Application of Total Physical Response (Tpr) and Storytelling to Teach English for Kindergarten StudentsHusada, Hendro Setiawan; Megawati
2013The Benefits of Portfolio Assessment in Teaching Practicum Course: do the students agree with it?Husada, Hendro Setiawan; Sari, Sesilia Rani Setyo; Dewanti, Ferryna Okky
2012The Correlation Between Students’ Readingself Efficacy and Final Grades in Academic Reading ClassAstika, Gusti; Husada, Hendro Setiawan; Hadomi, F.X. Paula Era Lina
2012Culture Shock and Academic Culture Shock Experienced by Satya Wacana Christian University Students from SoeHusada, Hendro Setiawan; Rudianto, Christian; Ndaomanu, Meilani
2012Debaters' Perception on English Debate Contribution to Their English ProficiencyNovita A., C.M.T Fanny; Husada, Hendro Setiawan; Kurniawati, Kiki
2012English Department of Satya Wacana Christian University Students' Opinions Toward The Use of Mobile Assisted Language Learning (Mall)Husada, Hendro Setiawan; Annita; Morino
2013English Department Students’ Attitudes Toward English-Only Policy In Group Discussions In The ClassroomHusada, Hendro Setiawan; Listyani; Leba, Elsa Emiria
2012Error Analysis of a Biology Teacher's Spoken English: a Case StudyHusada, Hendro Setiawan; Astika, Gusti; Rahardani, Dorothea
2013Factors Causing Anxiety Problems for English Department Students in Interpersonal Speaking ClassHusada, Hendro Setiawan; Timotius, Anne I,; Here, Elvira Maryolen
2012Observing Students' Response Toward Material Authenticity in Senior High SchoolHusada, Hendro Setiawan; Astika, Gusti; Ismet Perkasa, Deilly
2012Pronunciation Errors Made by the Students of Transactional SpeakingHusada, Hendro Setiawan; I. Timotius, Anne; Norani Warihintyas, Antonia
2013Science Teachers’ Perceptions in Teaching Science Using EnglishHusada, Hendro Setiawan; Widiningrum, Rindang; Kaunang, Jaclyn Angelina
2012Students' Acquisition of Past Tense Through Cloze Exercises: a Case Study of High School LearnersAstika, Gusti; Husada, Hendro Setiawan; Pusphita Wibowo, Devianika
2012Students' Attitudes Toward Peer Feedback in Academic WritingNovita A., C.M.T Fanny; Husada, Hendro Setiawan; Utami, Widayani
2012Students' Language Preferences in Advanced Grammar ClassesZacharias, Nugrahenny T.; Husada, Hendro Setiawan; Puji Rahayu, Yayuk
2013Students’ Attitude Toward Peer Feedback in Micro Teaching ClassHusada, Hendro Setiawan; Eko, Maria Christina; Debulaela, Pratesa
2008-07A Study of the Benefit of Extensive Reading on Vocabulary at the Faculty of Language and Literature of Satya Wacana Christian UniversityPutri, Greta Andrea Kartika; Husada, Hendro Setiawan