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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Link Between Teachers' Beliefs and Classroom Practive on Using Storytelling to Teach English to Kindergarten StudentsSulistiawati, Estriani Hana
2014A study of Teachers' Questions in SD FX Marsudirini 78 SalatigaSeptiningtyas, Martha
2013An Analysis of English Student-Teachers in Managing the Use of Bahasa Indonesia in Satya Wacana Christian Junior Lab School English ClassroomQusaroh, Ika Adelia
2013An Analysis of the Use of First Language in Second Language Classroom in a Junior High SchoolYermia Sabbatika Rahayu, Debby
2013An Analysis of Three Student-Teachers when Dealing with Critical Incidents in a Microteaching ClassLiliyana, Annisa
19-Jul-2011Bridging the Gap of Theory Into PracticeKurniawati, Anita
2016Classroom Instructions for Young Learners: a case studyCorevelia, Erella Elen
2013Classroom Interactions Between Teacher And Young Learners In Story-Based LessonsEli Wahyu Wilujeng, Aprilian
2015Classroom Management Styles for Single-Gender ClassesSanjaya, Ratna Putri
2013Communication Strategies Used by Young Learners in a Bilingual ClassroomSyahrial, Agam
2013The Contribution of Teaching Journal to Students' Teaching Development: A Qualitative Study in a Microteaching CoursePambudi Wicaksono, Wimbo
2013Cultural Content Implemented in Student-Teachers’ Teaching Practicum Program Viewed From EIL PedagogyCahyanto, Benny Nor
2015EFL Learners’ Motivation in Using English in CMC: A Case On FacebookNatalia, Fenty
2013Eight Student-Teachers' Development In Understanding English As An International Language PedagogyAmbarwati, Maulida
2017Elementary School Teachers’ Classroom Management StrategiesYohandi, Yoki
2013ELT Department Students' Strategies In Negotiating Their English Learning Outside The ClassroomRicky Berlian, Christian
2013English Department Students' Metacognitive Awareness of Strategies Used in Reading Academic JournalsIrnasari, Devi
2018English for Specific Purposes Course for Hotel Front Officers: Investigating Learners’ Motivations in Learning EnglishMutiaraningtyas, Novia
2018English Teachers’ Experience of Evaluating a Textbook Using TTESParamitha, Monica Lidya
Nov-2011English Teaching in PKBM Satya Parahita: Insights for Teacher Education ProgramKurniawati, Anita