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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Feminist Study: Marital Rape Found in Perempuan Kembang Jepun by Lan FangDonelson, Danielle; Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Astari, Lazuardina
2014A Radical Feminism Look Into Woman Oppression in John Shors' Beneath a Marble SkyKristono, Lany; Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Darianawati, Indah Dessyera
2012The Analysis of African American Real Society During the Harlem Renaissance Era Reflected in the Story Red Headed BabyKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Maria L. A. F., Suzana; Novita
2012An Analysis of Icons in Invictus and Only The Strong and Their MeaningsKristono, Lany; Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Aprillianawati
2012An Analysis of Multicultural Values in The Namesake: a Biographical ApproachKristono, Lany; Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Endisa
2013An Analysis Of One Jakmania And One Viking's Perceptions And Experiences In Relation To The Movie “Romeo And Juliet Indonesia” With Jakmania-Viking Conflict As A Background: A Case StudyKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Kristono, Lany; Anhar Eko P., Muhammad
2013An Analysis of Racial Discrimination in The Help.Kristono, Lany; Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Angela Daik, Marlen
2012The Analysis of Readers' Perceptions Toward Lesbians in the Movie of Yes or NoKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Donelson, Danielle; Isabella Anjaniningtyas, Meiby
2013An Autistic Experience in Temple GrandinKristono, Lany; Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Lieke, Onniek
2012Backward Masking Technique Used to Convey Hidden Messages Trough Nowadays Pop SongsKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Kristono, Lany; Kadarman, Hergung
2014Binary Opposition on the Role of Woman as Depicted in the Interpreter of MaladiesDanelson, Danielle; Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Andaru, Valentina Laras Gita
2013"Brave" and "Tangled" by Walt Disney Pictures: An Analysis of the Characterization of New Princesses as Woman WarriorMaria L.A.F, Suzana; Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Nuhamara, Diane Elizabeth
2012Canting by Arswendo Atmowiloto: The Potrayal of Javanese Patriarchy and Women’s Challenge Towards the Patriarchal SystemKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Maria L.A.F., Suzana; Oktavia, Listiarini Dwi
2013Commercialism In Indonesian Religious FilmsKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Maria L.A.F., Suzana; Kristina, Ririn
2012A Comparison Study Between the Original Reog Ponorogo From East Java and Reog in Jetak Village, Central JavaKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Maria L.A.F., Suzana; Phan, Sherly
2015A Concept of Female Beauty in Disney’s Cartoon Movie “Mulan”Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Suryaningsih, Ervin; Maharati, Chrisna
2012Conflicts and Cultural Differences in Multicultural Society in a Novel by Fira Basuki “Rojak”Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Donelson Sims., Danielle; Chrisdiana, Yessy
2014Defining “Paradise” in Coldplay's Music Video “Paradise”: An Ecocritical PerspectiveSuzana Maria L. A. F.; Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Noviandono, Mattias Vici
2012Eminem And His Life As Expressed In “My Name Is” And “If I Had” LyricsKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Kristono, Lanny; Kartika Kangsotrisno, Devi
2013Evidences of Beauvoir's 'The Second Sex' in Poems 'A Work of Artifice' by Marge Piercy and 'Mr. Mine' by Anne SextonKristono, Lany; Kusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Novyanti, Rut