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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The Academic Writing Students' Perceptions Toward PreWriting Activities: A Qualitative Study on Academic Writing ClassesNandari, Martha; Listyani; Pratiwi, Dian
2018-09-13Analisis Pendapatan Pada Perkebunan Rakyat Kelapa Sawit Dan Karet di Kecamatan Kampar Utara Kabupaten KamparPuruhito, Dimas Deworo; Listyani; Kurniawati, Fitri
2012An Analysis of Errors in The Use of Article in The Narrative and Descriptive Writing StudentsListyani; Setiawan Husada, Hendro; Tri Hapsari, Christianti
2013An Analysis Of Speaking Exercises/Activities Of An English Textbook Used In SDN Pakis 02 Bringin Seen From Communicative Activities Proposed By Richards (2007)Listyani; Zacharias, Nugrahenny T.; Aprilia Wahyuningsih, Petra
2013The Benefits of Being Taught by Native English Teachers in Writing Class: students’ PerceptionsListyani; Nandari, Martha; Cahyaningrum, Istyana
2012The Causes of Anxiety and Strategies to Minimize It: a Qualitative Study on Public Speaking StudentsListyani; Timotius, Anne I.; Hartrina Nurmadevi, Siska
2013A Close Study On Grammatical Errors Of An English TextbookListyani; Christina Eko Setyarini, Maria; Anggarawati
2012-11Conducive Learning Environment and Learners' Successful Self-Image: a Qualitative Research in an Academic Writing ClassListyani
2008-07Cultural Aspects in the Translation of Herge's Comic Series : The Adventures of Tintin: Red Rackham's TreasureListyani
2012Developing Students Pronunciation through Repeated Listening to Authentic Materials for Third Grade of Bethany Elementary SchoolAstika, Gusti; Listyani; Andriastuti, Yunita
2013The Difficulties Faced by SoE Lecturers in Teaching Interpersonal Speaking for English Department StudentsListyani; Maria, Suzana; Mariani Labito, Alce
2013Ed Pre-Service Teachers' Attitudes Toward Writing and Teaching WritingAstika, Gusti; Listyani; Ayu, Dika Amanda
2012Elementary School Students Perception of 3rd Grade in SD 2 Pakis Jl. Merpati 34 D, Kabupaten Semarang Toward Learning Vocabulary Using MoviePalupi, Victoria Usadya; Listyani; Alberta Gervais, Yonathan
2012English Department Academic Writing Class Students' Perceptions Toward Teacher Written FeedbackListyani; Palupi, Victoria Usadya; Hapsari, Widhi
2013English Department Students’ Attitudes Toward English-Only Policy In Group Discussions In The ClassroomHusada, Hendro Setiawan; Listyani; Leba, Elsa Emiria
2013English Story-Telling To Help Early Childhood Students' Physical, Linguistic, And Social-Emotional GrowthsRudianto, Christian; Listyani; Permata Sari Pranoto, Monica
2013Five Pre-Service Teachers' Interaction Strategies Dealing with Passive Junior High School Students in English Class: A Study at SMPN 1 BanyubiruListyani; Zacharias, Nugrahenny T.; Rakasiwi, Ratih
2014Fun Writing for Children : Hurray, I Can Write!Listyani
2011-11Individual Learner Differences and Second Language Acquisition: A Progressive Study on Academic Writing StudentsListyani
2016-08Introvert Students ’ Affective Reactions Towards Joint Reconstruction Phase of Reading to Learn : a Study On an Academic Writing Teaching MethodListyani