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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analyzing Voicing in LGBT News from a Bakhtinian PerspectiveMambu, Joseph Ernest; Jap, Victoria Louise Cahyajaya
2009-01Christian Discoursing Across Tellings of the Same Story: A Case in EFL Pre-Service Teacher's NarrativesMambu, Joseph Ernest
2016The Constructions of Political Views on the Case of the Death Penalty of Bali-Nine Convicts in The Jakarta Post's EditorialsMambu, Joseph Ernest; Pattiwael, Athriyana Santye; Aristuta, Antonius Yogi Puguh
2016A Critical Discourse Analysis of Advertising Language Used in “Femina” and “Prestige” MagazinesIsharyanti, Neny; Mambu, Joseph Ernest; Suryatno, Stephanus
2017EFL Students’ Views on the Negotiation of Their Javanese Identity When Using EnglishMambu, Joseph Ernest; Prastiwi, Elisa Noventia
2016Ele Students’ Attitudes Toward Teachers’ Use of Code-Switching in ClassMambu, Joseph Ernest; Handriyo, Ivana Christina
2016Error Analysis of The English Writing Assignment of Vocational School StudentsMambu, Joseph Ernest; Kusuma, Vica Ananta; Permata, Maureen Decinta Nira
2016Exploring Opportunities and Challenges in Incorporating Sociocultural Issues into ELT in a Vocational High School in SalatigaMambu, Joseph Ernest; Pattiwael, Athriyana Santye; Ariyanti, Rintan
2016Incorporating Critical Pedagogy Through Problem Posing, Dialogue, and Conscientization in A Junior Highschool in SalatigaMambu, Joseph Ernest; Ikhtiar, Teduh Pitutur Wicak
2018Indonesian-Based High School EFL Teachers' Cognitions and Practices Related to the Integration of Social Justice Issues in ClassMambu, Joseph Ernest; Sulistyowardani, Margaretha
2017Integrating Character Education into Language Learning: EFL Teachers' Spiritual Negotiation in Implementing Basic Competences of The 2013 CurriculumMambu, Joseph Ernest; Vivianingtiyas, Wiga
2016Investigating Student Teachers’ Concerns During Teaching Practicum: an analysis of individual reflectionsPalupi, Victoria Usdaya; Mambu, Joseph Ernest; Anindra, Ryandika Rizky
2017Investigating Teachers’ Integration of Critical Pedagogical Perspectives in Teaching Four Basic English SkillsMambu, Joseph Ernest; Puspita, Aurelia Melinda Herka
2018Investigating the Influence of Teachers’ Beliefs in Choosing the Approaches of Grammar Teaching and Learning in EYL ClassroomsMambu, Joseph Ernest; Santosa, Katarina
2016Kindergarten Teachers’ Views Toward The Code Switching StrategyMambu, Joseph Ernest; Rudianto, Christian; Danuatmadja, Nadia Angela
2016Mood Choice Analysis on Bane’s Final Album Entitled “Don’t Wait Up”Mambu, Joseph Ernest; Eljianantyo, Alfonsus Mario
2014Negotiating the Place of Spirituality in English Language Teaching: A Case Study in an Indonesian EFL Teacher Education ProgramMatsuda, Paul Kei; Friedrich, Patricia; Prior, Matthew T.; Mambu, Joseph Ernest
2016Performance of Identity Through Code Switching in Facebook Postings by Dayaknese StudentsMambu, Joseph Ernest; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Kristanto
2016Performances of Identity Through Code Switching in Non-English Department Students’ Social Media AccountsMambu, Joseph Ernest; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Putri, Caecilia Fanny Chrisnanda
2015Reviewing Listening Materials Through The Lens of World Englishes: a case study in an English language teacher education programMambu, Joseph Ernest; Kurniawati, Anita; Purnama, Aloisius Kevin