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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012An Analysis of Consumerism and Hedonism in Chick Lit Novels Confession of Shopaholic and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie KinsellaKristono, Lany; Maria L.A.F., Suzana; Suciani Wijaya, Novi
2012Canting by Arswendo Atmowiloto: The Potrayal of Javanese Patriarchy and Women’s Challenge Towards the Patriarchal SystemKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Maria L.A.F., Suzana; Oktavia, Listiarini Dwi
2011-11Character Building through Poems: An Interactive Approach in Teaching PoetryDarta, Deta Maria Sri; Maria L.A.F., Suzana
2013Commercialism In Indonesian Religious FilmsKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Maria L.A.F., Suzana; Kristina, Ririn
2012The Common Causes of High School Students' Anxiety in Taking National Examination and Common Strategies Used to Reduce ItMaria L.A.F., Suzana; Martha Nandari; Raditya, Bagus
2012A Comparison Study Between the Original Reog Ponorogo From East Java and Reog in Jetak Village, Central JavaKusumaningtyas, Purwanti; Maria L.A.F., Suzana; Phan, Sherly
2013Ideology And Hegemony In 'Ma Yan' And 'Orang Miskin Dilarang Sekolah'Kristono, Lany; Maria L.A.F., Suzana; Ayunidya Suci, Rieka
2013The Instillation Of Ideology In Naoki Urazawa's MonsterKristono, Lany; Maria L.A.F., Suzana; Widowati
2013Langston Hughes Poem "Let America Be America Again" Seen from Post-Colonialism TheoryMaria L.A.F., Suzana; Donelson-Sims, Danielle; Youviansa
2013The Meanings of the Broken Tree, River and Bridge in Katherine Paterson's Bridge to TerabithiaMaria L.A.F., Suzana; Donelson-Sims, Danielle; Utomo, Taufiqi Galih
2013The Power of Weapons in "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" Movie by Peter JacksonMaria L.A.F., Suzana; Sriastuti, Anna; Unawekla, Immanuel Wirawan
2013A Psychoanalysis Study Of The Reason Behind Main Character's Changing Attitude In Ahmad Tohari's ‘Bekisar Merah'Kristono, Lany; Maria L.A.F., Suzana; Krismaninggar, Niken
2013The Role of First Language in Teaching English to Young LearnersKurniawati, Anita; Maria L.A.F., Suzana; Dwi Wulandari, Ester
2013Saman's Struggle For Meaning In Ayu Utami's Saman: A Psychoexistentialism PerspectiveKristono, Lany; Maria L.A.F., Suzana; Astri Wanda, Maria
2013The Snow White's Character's Transformation In “Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs” And “Mirror Mirror” Seen From Feminist TheoryMaria L.A.F., Suzana; Sriastuti, Anna; Oei, Ike Anggraini
2013The Strategies Of The Inclusive Elementary Schools Or SD Inklusi In Salatiga Used To Facilitate The Learning Of Students With Special NeedsIndrayanti Timotius, Anne; Maria L.A.F., Suzana; Sartica, Dwi
2012-11Teaching English To Special-Needs ChildrenMaria L.A.F., Suzana; Sidupa, Christiana
2013The Uprising of the Marginalized Society and Its Relation with Knowledge in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire by Suzanne CollinsDonelson, Danielle; Maria L.A.F., Suzana; Ferdiana, Fiona
2013Using Imagination as Defense Mechanism in L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green GablesMaria L.A.F., Suzana; Donelson-Sims, Danielle; Utami, Julia Wahyu
2013Using Vocabulary Notebook to Develop Students’ Vocabulary in SMP Kanisius GirisontaAstika, Gusti; Maria L.A.F., Suzana; Susilowati, Dewi