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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Description of The Student-Centered Characteristics in Teaching and Learning Process in Senior High SchoolWidya, Jeany Bella Putri
2014An Analysis of Journal Assignments in Introduction to Literature Class Based on Bloom's Taxonomy Order of ThinkingSarastiti, Pranika
2014An Analysis of Teacher Written Feedback on Students' Drafts in Guided Writing ClassUtami, Diana Puji
2014An Analysis of the Cognitive Level of Teacher Questions in EFL Classroom of Junior High School in Semarang ResidenceAriani, Desi
2013An Analysis of How Teaching Practice Students Acquired Pedagogical Knowledge to Teach English in Secondary SchoolsWinarsih, Eko
2012An Analysis Of Students' Attitude Toward Vocabulary Games in The Efl ClassroomKawab, Hana Dwi Herlina Irjayanti
2014Analysis of Task Formats for Reading Comprehension in SMA TextbooksKuswandari, Anik
2016An Analysis on the Impact of The English National Examination (ENE) on The Teachers' TeachingKiranasih, Mona
2013The Analysis To What Extent The Eil Material in An Eil Micro Teaching Class Reflects An Eil ApproachPraptiningrum, Dhenok
2013Aspects Micro Teaching Students Consider in Designing EIL MaterialsPunthadyhatma, Febrika
2014Beliefs and Attitudes Toward English Pronunciation of First Year Students in Interpersonal Speaking CourseUneputty, Anastasya Rivona
Jul-2009The Challenges Faced by an Elementary School Science Teacher in Teaching Using English: A Case StudyNindiarini, Innes Septa; Palupi, Victoria Usadya
2016The Characteristics of Effective English Language Teacher as Perceived by Senior High School StudentsRossiandy, Yemima
2015Display Question VS. Referential Question Asked by English Teachers of Seven GradersDianti, Enggarianingtyas Putri
Jan-2009The Effect of Picture Drawing and Picture Comparisons in the Negotiation Process of NNS-NNS InteractionsSusan, Anita; Palupi, Victoria Usadya
2012Elementary School Students Perception of 3rd Grade in SD 2 Pakis Jl. Merpati 34 D, Kabupaten Semarang Toward Learning Vocabulary Using MovieAlberta Gervais, Yonathan
2012English Department Academic Writing Class Students' Perceptions Toward Teacher Written FeedbackHapsari, Widhi
2016English Teachers Strategies in Implementing 2013 Curriculum in Private Senior High SchoolMahanani, Priska Ayu
2016English Teacher’s Strategies to Deal with Student’s Misbehaviors in Elementary SchoolRatri, Primadinar Sekar
2016First Year Students’ Perceptions Toward L2 Use in EFL ClassroomsBudiarto, Magdalena Kristiani