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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Study of Expressive Gratitude of Thanking Strategy as Used by Efl LearnersRudianto, Christian; Pattiwael, Athriyana Santye; Widyowati, Agustin Shinta
2014An Analysis of Compliment Response Strategies in Consultations Between Students and TeachersRudianto, Christian; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Suketi, Tiur Mangkuling
2014An Investigation of Indonesian EFL Learners' Application of Strategies in Disagreeing Using EnglishRudianto, Christian; Zacharias, Nugrahenny T.; Sofyan, Dewi Kusumawati
2012An Analysis of Code Switching and Code Mixing Spoken by Five Socialite Women in “Arisan Brondong” MovieRudianto, Christian; Eko S, Maria Christina; Permana, Anggera Krista
2014Analysis of Cooperative Principles in Classroom InteractionRudianto, Christian; Murtisari, Elizabeth Titik; Kamila, Annisaa’ Nur
2012An Analysis of Culture Shock Faced by 60th-61th PIBBI StudentsNandari, Martha; Rudianto, Christian; Prasadhya, Ignatius Bias Galih
2013An Analysis of English Users in Reading and Speaking Text in EFL Textbooks in Curriculum 2013 used by the First Graders of Junior and Senior High SchoolZacharias, Nugrahenny T.; Rudianto, Christian; Fajar Dewanti, Damaris
2012An Analysis of Grammatical Interferences Found in the Oral Communication Presented by Pibbi Participants (Intensive Program) of Level 5Rudianto, Christian; Agna Ekawati, Priscilla
2015An Analysis of Refusal Strategies used by Freshmen in English Teacher Education Program (ETEP)Rudianto, Christian; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Pramudita, Tan, Anastasia Irawati
2013An Analysis Of Swearing Word Translations In The Transformers 3 MovieChristina Eko Setyarini, Maria; Rudianto, Christian; Doddy Kurniawan, Yustian
2012An Analysis of The Ed Students' Perception on the Conflict Between Javanese and Western Mysticism ConceptDonelson-Sims, Danielle; Rudianto, Christian; Setianda, Aulfiando
2013Applying "Star Card" as Rewards to Decrease Students' Misbehavior: an Action ResearchRudianto, Christian; W., Rindang; Prasasti, Ingkan
2014Beliefs and Attitudes Toward English Pronunciation of First Year Students in Interpersonal Speaking CoursePalupi, Victoria Usadya; Rudianto, Christian; Uneputty, Anastasya Rivona
2013The Best English Teacher According to English Department StudentsZacharias, Nugrahenny T.; Rudianto, Christian; Dewi, Citra Puspita
2014Combination of Questions Dimension Used by Reading Across Genre Teacher to Lead Students to Think CriticallyRudianto, Christian; Pattiwael, Athriyana Santye; Oktavianita, Setyowati
2014Communication Strategies Used by XI Grade Students in Responding to English Teacher's Questions in SMA Kristen Satya WacanaTimotius, Anne Indrayanti; Rudianto, Christian; Kurniawati, Dea
2014Context Analysis of Advertisement TaglinesRudianto, Christian; Sumakul, Dian Toar Y.G.; Ediningrum, Patria Sukma
2015A Contrastive Pragmatic Study onthe Use ofThanking Expressions in English and Indonesian MoviesRudianto, Christian; Setyarini, Maria C. Eko; Angelin, Gloria Lusianti
2012Culture Shock and Academic Culture Shock Experienced by Satya Wacana Christian University Students from SoeHusada, Hendro Setiawan; Rudianto, Christian; Ndaomanu, Meilani
2012-11Do Students Write or Speak?Rudianto, Christian; Appling, M.