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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A study of Teachers' Questions in SD FX Marsudirini 78 SalatigaKurniawati, Anita; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Septiningtyas, Martha
2014An Analysis of Compliment Response Strategies in Consultations Between Students and TeachersRudianto, Christian; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Suketi, Tiur Mangkuling
2013An Analysis of Teachers' Questions and Students' Responses in Efl Reading CourseSetyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Sumakul, Dian Toar; Talentino, Vicorio
2014An Analysis of English Language Teaching Department Students' Perspectives Toward EnglishTimotius, Anne Indrayanti; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Widodo, Ruth Alvina
2015An Analysis of Metaphor Translation Strategy in “The Fault In Our Stars” by John GreenSetyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Murtisari, Elisabet Titik; Octavia, Errisha Resty
2015An Analysis of Refusal Strategies used by Freshmen in English Teacher Education Program (ETEP)Rudianto, Christian; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Pramudita, Tan, Anastasia Irawati
2015Analysis of Teachers’ Politeness in Satya Wacana Christian Senior High SchoolSetyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Pattiwael, Athriyana S.; Imansani, Rinta Nariza
2016An Analysis of Translation of Slang Words in The Subtitles of Captain America: The Winter Soldier FilmMurtisari, Elisabeth Titik; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Prasetyo, David
2018The Challenges Faced by Papuan PKP3N Students in Bilingual Education Like-Program at LTC Universitas Kristen Satya WacanaSetyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Sibi, Reiner JHG Lawalata
2015Classroom Management Styles for Single-Gender ClassesSetyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Kurniawati, Anita; Sanjaya, Ratna Putri
2012The Common Grammatical Problems Made by the Students of Internationally Based Elementary School Teachers Study Program in Their WritingNandari, Martha; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Wibowo, Yohanes Dwi Joko
2013Communication Strategies Used by Young Learners in a Bilingual ClassroomSetyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Kurniawati, Anita; Syahrial, Agam
2013Elementary School Teachers' Beliefs of English Teaching and Learning for Young LearnersSetyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Zacharias, Nugrahenny T.; Kristiana, Rina
2014English Department Students' Opinions of Nests Teaching Indonesian to English Translation ClassesSetyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Nandari, Martha; Astuti, Widhy
2016English Teacher’s Strategies to Deal with Student’s Misbehaviors in Elementary SchoolPalupi, Victoria Usadya; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Ratri, Primadinar Sekar
2016Faculty of Language and Literature Students’ Anxiety in Listening ClassesTimotius, Anne Indrayanti; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Yasmine, Syarifah Amalia
2015Instructions Used in Teaching English for Adult Learners in Kota Bahasa Language CourseSetyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Ragawanti, Debora Tri; Deschara, Riry Frieta
2015Kinds of Teachers’ Instructional Models In A Bilingual KindergartenSetyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Timitius, Anne Indrayanti; Kristanti, Premi Citra
2012-01Language Functions Used in the Clothing Advertisements in Suave Catalog MagazineRiyantono, Noberta Nissa Edina; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko
2013Language Learning Strategies Used by Learners in SMA N UngaranAstika, Gusti; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Setianda, Riski Veriando