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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A Marxism Analysis of Different Social Classes in A Dance Film: “Step Up Revolution”Sari, Dewi Putri Lintang
2014An Analysis on Male Domination as a Popular Culture in Film “Mulan”Astuti, Sulistyaning Dwi Puji
2016An Analysis of Jill’s Character Development through Plot in C. S. Lewis’s The Silver ChairNaziroh, Umi
2016An Analysis of Jonas’ Personality Development as Seen From Maslow’s Needs Theory in Lois Lowry’s “The Giver”Novitarani, Ruth Ayuda
2015Analysis of Oliver Twist Characteristics in Charles Dicken’s Oliver Twist by Using Reader Response CriticismWardani, Netta Eva
2015An Analysis of Setting and Buck’s Conflicts to Find Theme In The Call of The WildPutri, Nadya Octaviana Purwoko
2013The Analysis of the Symbol of Salmon in "Manusia Setengah Salmon" by Raditya DikaKaryadi, Rayi Winanti
2015An Analysis of Theme Through The Symbol of Bleachers in Bleachers by John GrishamWaskito, Martinus Dwi
2015An Anlysis of Brigance's Motives in Winning the Trial Using Freud's Psychological Approach in Grisham's " A Time to Kill"Ramandei, R. Nico Samuel William
2015An Anlysis of Brigance's Motives in Winning the Trial using Freud's Psychological Approach in Grisham's "A Time to Kill"Ramandei, R. Nico Samuel William
Nov-2012Children Literary Texts Analysis as Tefl Side-Materials for Indonesia Young LearnersSriastuti, Anna
2014Creative Writings: Six-Word Short Stories Behind the Tailgates of TrucksSriastuti, Anna
2015Katherine Ann Watson’s Struggles To Empower Women and Oppose The Patriarchy in Mona Lisa SmileNugroho, Christiawan Adhi
2012The Motive of the Antagonist's Behavioral Changes in Kate Chopin's “Desiree's Baby”: a Psychoanalysis PerspectiveMulyani, Eni
2015Observation Report as an Office Administration in Imanuel Children Development Center (PPA) Of SalatigaSahoe, Ita Yunita
2015Popular Culture Analysis: Hidden Motives of Rebecca’s Consumerist Behaviour as Shown in The Movie Confession of A ShopaholicThe, Melania Ariyanto
2013The Power of Weapons in "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" Movie by Peter JacksonUnawekla, Immanuel Wirawan
2013The Snow White's Character's Transformation In “Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs” And “Mirror Mirror” Seen From Feminist TheoryOei, Ike Anggraini
2015A Study of Jane Eyre’s Character Development Throught Her External Conflicts in The Novel Jane EyreMahendrawan, R Brahmantya
2015Symbolism: The Interpretation of the Tiger to Reveal the Theme in the Movie of "Life of Pi? by Ang LeeNatalia, Fenny