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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014An Analysis of English Language Teaching Department Students' Perspectives Toward EnglishTimotius, Anne Indrayanti; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Widodo, Ruth Alvina
2016An Analysis of Students` Narrative Writing Errors at SMAN 1 TengaranTimotius, Anne Indrayanti; Intan, Olivia
2014Bethany School Teacher's Strategy to Help The First Graders' English Speaking AbilityTimotius, Anne Indrayanti; Putri, Aris Arniasti
2017Challenges Faced by Student Teachers in Bilingual SchoolsTimotius, Anne Indrayanti; Panjaitan, Kezia Kristin
2013Communication Strategies Used By Transactional Speaking Students in English Department of Satya Wacana Christian UniversitySari, Sesilia Rani Setyo; Timotius, Anne Indrayanti; Dewi, Monica Farah
2014Communication Strategies Used by XI Grade Students in Responding to English Teacher's Questions in SMA Kristen Satya WacanaTimotius, Anne Indrayanti; Rudianto, Christian; Kurniawati, Dea
2014Difficulties Faced by Mathematics and Science Teachers in Teaching Using English: A Study in SMAN 1 SalatigaTimotius, Anne Indrayanti; Suzana Maria L. A. F.; Putra, Albertus Ronny Rizal Anggoro Octavin Asmara
2015Difficulties in Teaching Grammar in Junior High SchoolTimotius, Anne Indrayanti; Dewi, Murti Sari
2016EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Deficiencies During Computer-Mediated CommunicationSumakul, Dian Toar Y.G.; Timotius, Anne Indrayanti; Wijaya, Maria Laurensia Adeline Angelika
2014English Teachers' Beliefs Toward the Use of Indonesian in English ClassAnita Kurniawati H.; Timotius, Anne Indrayanti; Suheru, Sharon Angela Ivana
2016Faculty of Health and Sciences Students’ Perceptions Towards Teachers’ Use of L1Pattiwael, Athriyana Santye; Timotius, Anne Indrayanti; Handayani, Wulansari Ika
2016Faculty of Language and Literature Students’ Anxiety in Listening ClassesTimotius, Anne Indrayanti; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Yasmine, Syarifah Amalia
2014Feedback Provided by Teachers During Their Teaching: A Study at Little Star Bilingual Pre-SchoolRagawanti, Debora Tri; Timotius, Anne Indrayanti; Wulan, Ari Resti Sapto
2014Grammar Gaps Between the Reading Passages in Executive English Reading Coursebook and An Economic Textbook: A Study in the Faculty of Economics and Business StudentsAstika, I Gusti; Timotius, Anne Indrayanti; Soekias, Kethryne Rothe
2007-07Implementing Second Life in Education and Language LearningTimotius, Anne Indrayanti
2013Issue of Intelligibility as a Main Goal in Teaching Pronunciation: teachers’ perspectivesKurniawati, Anita; Timotius, Anne Indrayanti; Cahyalita, Rhany Dhewani
2014Kinds of Teacher's Oral Feedback in Public Speaking ClassAnita Kurniawati H.; Timotius, Anne Indrayanti; Melati, Yohana Ditha Ayu
2016Listening Strategies Used by ELEP Students in Listening ClassesTimotius, Anne Indrayanti; Setyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Purnomowati, Yanti Ratna
2016Parents’ Attitudes Toward Bilingual Education ProgramKurniawati, Anita; Timotius, Anne Indrayanti; Gunawan, Vania Hendra
2016Parents’ Attitudes Toward Sending Their Children to a Bilingual School in SalatigaTimotius, Anne Indrayanti; Kurniawati, Anita; Florency, Natasya