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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017An Analysis of Language Use on Facebook Posts Done by Dayaknese Students of Universitas Kristen Satya WacanaWidiningrum, Rindang; Wahyuliana, Vincentia Katri
2016The Analysis of Students’ Perceived Problems in Microteaching Class as Depicted in The Students’ Teaching JournalsWidiningrum, Rindang; Setyaningrahayu, Indriretno; Meigawati, Herlina Dhika
2015The Attitudes of 8th Graders of Laboratorium Kristen Satya Wacana Junior High School Towards Cooperative Learning In English ClassesWidiningrum, Rindang; Hastuti, Gita; Putri, Meirista Kurnia
2016The Attitudes of Teachers in Senior High School 1 Salatiga Towards Grammar and its ApproachesMurtisari, Elisabet Titik; Widiningrum, Rindang; Pramusita, Santa Maya
2015Attitudes Towards Learning English: A Study of Second Year Students at Banyubiru 1 State Junior High SchoolWidiningrum, Rindang; Mali, Yustinus Calvin Gai; Yandi, Freda Dyah Ayu Kusumaning
2012The Characteristics of Effective English Language Teachers in Students' PerceptionsChristina Eko Setyarini, Maria; Widiningrum, Rindang; Haryani, Lidia
2012-11Developing Language Teachers' ProfessionalismWidiningrum, Rindang
2016English for Microbiologist and Chemistry Analyst: target situation needs analysisIsharyanti, Neny; Widiningrum, Rindang; Sutrisno, Rendi
2017Errors in Pronunciation of Consonants and Diphthongs by Non-Ed Students of Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana Coming From Javanese, Ambonese, Manadonese, Kupangnese and BatakneseWidiningrum, Rindang; Poluan, Oktavianita Jeremi Dwiroro
2013External Factors That Discourage Students to Practice Speaking in EnglishRudianto, Christian; Widiningrum, Rindang; Kurniawan, Ardiyarso
2013Factors Affecting The Implementation Of Communicative Activities To Young Learners In Bilingual ClassroomKurniawati, Anita; Widiningrum, Rindang; Sam Kristinasari, Eta
2012Factors contributing to students' reticence in Transactional Speaking coursesZacharias, Nugrahenny T.; Widiningrum, Rindang; Widyakusuma, Cindy
2015Field Observation Report Doorman Hotel Surya Indah SalatigaWidiningrum, Rindang; Zega, Serius Jaya
2015Field Observation Report The Use of Telephone by Secretary in PT. Makmur Alam Sentosa SalatigaWidiningrum, Rindang; Yuliani, Etika
2015Field Study Report in SMK Kristen (Business And Management) SalatigaWidiningrum, Rindang; Yuniarti, Chaterina
2015Foreign Language Anxiety in Transactional Speaking ClassWidiningrum, Rindang; Christine, Victoria
2017The High School Students’ Attitude towards Learning EnglishWidiningrum, Rindang; Widyaningrum, Sari
2017Incidental Vocabulary Learning Through Hidden-Object Game: GardenscapesWidiningrum, Rindang; Widyantomo, Demas
2014Investigating Students' Writing Anxiety: A Study at English Teacher Education of Satya Wacana Christian UniversityRagawanti, Debora Tri; Widiningrum, Rindang; Tuppang, Karmi Serewara
2015Junior High School Students’ Attitudes Towards Contextual-Clues Strategy in Learning VocabularyWidiningrum, Rindang; Palupi, Victoria Usadya; Ellasa, Septavia Sekar