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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Compact Disc and Electron DiffractionLatununuwe, Monalizza Hervina
2018A Comparison of Teachers’ and Students’ Perceived Difficult Words in a Reading TextPramono, Afnie Dian Niza
Aug-2015Comparison of ε-insentive support vector regression and ν-support vector regression in nonlinear regression problemHustianda, Veni Freista; Purnami, Santi Wulan; Sutikno
2012A Comparison Study Between the Original Reog Ponorogo From East Java and Reog in Jetak Village, Central JavaPhan, Sherly
2016Comparison Study of Beryllium and Lithium Target System for Beam Shaping Assembly Used in Boron Neutron Capture TherapyHarendza, David
2007Composing Three Songs to Develop Vocabulary of Preschool ChildrenNugroho, Tabita Indri
2014Compulsive Buying Behavior: The Effects of Pocket Money, Peer Acceptance, Money Retention And Its Impact On Borrowing HabitKareri, Iwi Rambu
2015A Concept of Female Beauty in Disney’s Cartoon Movie “Mulan”Maharati, Chrisna
Nov-2012Conducive Learning Environment and Learners' Successful Self-Image: a Qualitative Research in an Academic Writing ClassListyani
2014"Confidence, Trust, and Habit" Studi terhadap Penyedia Jasa Modal Informal dan Peminjam di Pasar Tradisional Rejosari SalatigaLelono, Nikolas Satrio
19-May-2010Conflict Between Health Law and Health Care System for Nurses as the Health Care ProviderTindige, Gracia Lestari; Yulianti, Natalia Ratna; Fransiska, Linda; Handoko, Yoga Aji
Nov-2012Conflict Talk and NarrativeRifai, Irfan
2012Conflicts and Cultural Differences in Multicultural Society in a Novel by Fira Basuki “Rojak”Chrisdiana, Yessy
Jan-2008A Consciousness-Raising (C-R) Approach to Teaching English GrammarWidodo, Handoyo Puji
2014Constraints Penerapan Flexible Working dan Coping Individual dalam Pengelolaan Konflik Pekerjaan-KeluargaDilly, Anita
2016Construction of Calibration Model for Sweetness Degree on Fructose Using The Fourier-Transform Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Singular Value Decomposition AnalysisReru, Yospina
2016The Constructions of Political Views on the Case of the Death Penalty of Bali-Nine Convicts in The Jakarta Post's EditorialsAristuta, Antonius Yogi Puguh
2018Consumption Pattern of Rural Agricultural-Based Javanese: A Study in Gintungan-Bandungan, Semarang DistrictSuryo, Etis Dirowati
2018Consumption Patterns of Javanese Society at the Age of ≥50 in Junggul Hamlet, Semarang DistrictNugrahany, Irene Pungky
Jun-2013Content-Dependent Image Watermarking using Local Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix Texture FeaturesSetyawan, Iwan; Timotius, Ivanna K.