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dc.contributor.advisorSetyarini, Maria Christina Ekoid
dc.contributor.advisorRagawanti, Debora Triid
dc.contributor.authorDeschara, Riry Frietaid
dc.description.abstractGiving instruction is one of important things that the teachers need in teaching – learning activity. Giving instruction for the adult and young learners will be different because definitely they have different characteristics. This study aims to examine the types of instructions given by the teachers for the adult learners in teaching – learning English activity. This study used observation and interview to collect the data and the participants of the study were 3 English teachers in Kota Bahasa Language Course, Salatiga. All of them teach adult learners.The data was collected by doing the observation and the interview to get the types of instructions used in classroom for adult learners. The analysis of the data shows that there are three types of instructions used by the teachers that are Direct Instruction, Indirect Instruction and Interactive instruction which are really helpful for the teachers to make the adult learners quickly understand and learn English using many practices and discussion in class. The result of this research is expected to help the English teachers choosing the appropriate instructions for their adult learners.id
dc.publisherProgram Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris FBS-UKSWid
dc.subjecttypes of instructionsen_US
dc.subjectteaching englishen_US
dc.subjectadult learnersen_US
dc.titleInstructions Used in Teaching English for Adult Learners in Kota Bahasa Language Courseen_US
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