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Title: Pengaruh Tempat Perindukan dan Intensitas Cahaya terhadap Fekunditas Mesocyclops sp
Authors: Jefri
Keywords: mesocyclops sp;fecundity;life cycle;breeding place;light intensity
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Program Studi Biologi FB-UKSW
Abstract: Mesocyclops sp is organism that effectively become as a biological agent to control the vector mosquito larvae. The aim of the study was to know the effect of difference breeding place (glass, plastic, and clay) and the difference of light intensity on Mesocyplops sp fecundity reviewed by the duration time needed to finish one life cycle, survival ability from copepodite to mature stage and offspring production along with the interaction of both factors. The treatment that used in this study was using the place made from glass, plastic, and clay as a breeding place which laid under lamp 40 watt (1.522 lux) at condition of bold light intensity and under shelter for dark light intensity. The method used in this study was the observation on Mesocyclops fecundity. The parameter observed were duration of life cycle, survival ability, and percentage of Mesocyclops’s offspring produced. The result showed that low intensity of light on place made from clay has the fastest duration of life cyle that is 13 days. Survival ability with the highest survival ability percentage in amount of 96% on low intensity of light on place made from clay. Statistic analysis result showed there was interaction between light intensity (dark and light) and breeding place (glass, plastic and clay) on the number of offspring produced by Mesocyclops sp. The treatment of dark and clay breeding place gave a significant difference on the number of Mesocyclops’s offsprings (P< 0.05).
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URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/12047
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