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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An Analysis of Teachers' Questions and Students' Responses in Efl Reading CourseSetyarini, Maria Christina Eko; Sumakul, Dian Toar; Talentino, Vicorio
2012Students' Perspectives on Active Students' Roles in the ClassroomListyani; Zacharias, Nugrahenny T; Mary Puspitasari, Ivana
2015Students’ Perceptions toward Non-Native English Speaker Teacher (NNEST) in Teaching PronunciationMurtisari, Elisabet Titik; Palupi, Victoria Usadya; Agata, Tirza
2012Parents' Roles Towards the Learning of First Grade Immersion Elementary Students at Bethany School SalatigaTimotius, Anne I.; Palupi, Victoria Usadya; Miravania, Elise
2013Students' Anxiety Towards Toefl Test : The Caused Factors And The EffectsRudianto, Christian; Nandari S.Handoko, Martha; Limandra, Indri
2013The Perceptions of English Department Students on the Use of Multiple-choice QuestionsNandari S., Martha; Christina Eko Setyarini, Maria; Tan, Merry
2013Students' Perception On The Use Of Powerpoint In Public Speaking ClassessChristina Eko Setyarini, Maria; Ari S., Petrus; Pramestiya, Adisti
2013An Analysis Of Grammatical Errors In Students' Essay Of Past Narration ComicSetiawan Husada, Hendro; Christina Eko Setyarini, Maria; Yunanda Salim, Evlin
2013A Study of Teachers' Perception of Students' Silence in English DepartmentDonelson, Danielle; Rani Setyo Sari, Sesilia; Ayu Enggaring Tyas, Dyah
2013Problems In Learning Chinese Vocabulary Using English TranslationIndrayanti Timotius, Anne; Titik Murtisari, Elizabet; Frissilia, Veny