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Title: An Analysis of Racial Discrimination in The Help.
Authors: Angela Daik, Marlen
Keywords: Racial Discrimination;Personal racism;Institutional racism
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris FBS-UKSW
Abstract: Racism has long been part of human history so that it has been portrayed as one of the serious problems in every social layer in different forms of art including film. One work which discusses racism is The Help, which portrays racism as the manifestation of prejudice and discrimination. The fact that racism still exists means people do need to learn about it in order to abolish or, at least, to minimize it. Therefore, this study attempted to describe the forms of racial discrimination as well as the response of the victims and the reasons behind it. The analysis revealed that racism can be personal as well as institutional and both may cause each other, including derogatory remarks, such as name calling, prejudice, racist propaganda and stereotypes as well as provoking others to be racist. Most of the victims are submissive since they have already had a mindset that they are unequal and different. However, some of them are trying to fight for their equality since they realize that they are also human beings which deserved equal treatment.
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/3391
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