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Title: The Effectiveness of the Logotherapy Counseling Model Development to Improve Low Self-Esteem of Women Victims of Human Trafficking
Authors: Engel, Jacob Daan
Yusuf, Syamsu
Keywords: effectiveness;model development;logotherapy counseling;low self- esteem;women victims of trafficking
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Publisher: Gaduate School Indonesia University of Education Bandung
Abstract: The research aimed to produce an effective developmental model of logotherapy counseling to improve the low self-esteem of women victims of tracking. The research employed descriptive analytical method, using quasi-experiment because it aimed to describe, analyze, and test the effectiveness of iogotherapy counseling model. The activities of the research consisted of a series of modeo vaoidity test, namely model rationality test, model practicability test, limited test and field test; hence, the research used research and development, participatory approach, and a mix of qualitative and quantitative research. The techniques of data collection used were interview, questionnaire, and observation. The results of the research demonstrated that the use of logotherapy counseling as an intervention program for the experimental group was more effective and had given better results in the dynamics of behavior changes among women victims of trafficking. The effectiveness was also proven by the results of observation and interview, showing positive values in the dynamics of victims, behavior changes. Logotherapy counseling model has its strengths in self-exploration, self-acceptance, dissociation, self-transcendence, attitudinal values, and self-awareness, which are integrated with self-potential, self-activity and self-evaluation, so that the model can trigger positive changes among the women victims of tracking. Therefore, there should be a training manual of logotherapy counseling model for social workers in order to improve both conceptuai and emperical aspects of treatment, where the former focuses on material comprehension, problem and skill development; and the latter on technique, counseling strategy and approach.
Description: International Journal of Education. Vol. 7, No. 1, Desember 2013 ; p. 27 - 42
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/3887
ISSN: 1978-1342
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