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Title: Memutus Mata Rantai Kekerasan Terhadap Anak dalam Keluarga Kristen (Studi Kasus Kekerasan Terhadap Anak dan Respons Gereja di Jemaat GPM Rumahkay)
Authors: Christina Kakerissa, Ilona
Keywords: Children Violence;Christian Family;The duty of the church;Child Protection Law
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Program Studi Teologi FTEO-UKSW
Abstract: Childrean Violence have been an usual phenomenon, especially verbal violence. This writing describe about the types of violence in Christian Family and how is the reaction of the church to this problem on GPM Rumahkay. The types are physical and verbal violence. It is happen by three factor. First about education factor, the parents didn't have a good education about how to teach children without violence. The second is stress social and the third is because intergenerational transmission of violence. This sequence never broken off because it happens in generation by generation. The Church is a moral community not maximize good efforts to cope this problem. The problem have been an ideology that seems like true in a reality (cultural violence). It's important to make parenting education with new type of teaching the children that can replace the violence type before. Writer emphasize about family building. Our moral and social attitude structured in a family because family are first and prime socialiszation. Although in Indonesia, we have had child protection law (number 23, 2002) but it can't stab domestic sector in society. The church, society, even the parents not give serious attention and don't realize what is violence because they don't know.
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/4023
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