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Title: Difficulties Faced by Mathematics and Science Teachers in Teaching Using English
Authors: Putra, Albertus Ronny Rizal A. O. A.
Timotius, Anne lndrayanti
Keywords: bilingual;RSBI
Issue Date: Nov-2013
Publisher: Faculty Language and Literature of Satya Wacana Christian University - Widya Sari Press
Abstract: The phenomenon that triggers this study was the fact that RSBI schools were going to be closed in 2013. There were some issues that could be picked up as the reasons, one of them was the teachers' problem in delivering materials in English which was become one of aims of this study. To be exact, this study aimed to investigate the aids given by SMAN 1 Salatiga in enhancing the English competency of the Mathematics and Science teachers and understand the difficulties encountered by Mathematics and Science teachers of SMAN 1 Salatiga when they taught their subjects using English. The data were collected using an interview. There were 8 teachers interviewed. The results of this study showed that the schools gave aids, like facilitating bilingual books, establishing the sister school program, and giving English lessons; which were hoped to help the teachers in enhancing their English proficiency. However, the teachers were still having problems with teaching using English because of their competence, especially compared to their students, their self confidence, age and the waste of time when they taught using English
Description: The 7th International Seminar 2013 “Language Policy and Planning: What are the Issues?” Salatiga, November 20 – 21, 2013 ; p. 14 – 20
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/4212
ISBN: 978-979-1098-46-3
Appears in Collections:The 7th International Seminar 2013 "Language Policy and Planning: What are the Issues?"

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