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Title: Pertumbuhan Bakteri Pereduksi Krom dan Kemampuannya dalam Mereduksi Cr (VI) (The Growth of Chromium-Reducing Bacteria and Its Potential in Reducing Cr (VI))
Authors: Wati, Ria Min Diya
Keywords: Cr (VI)-reducing bacteria;SpR3;specific growth rate;Cr (VI) reduction Rate
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Program Studi Biologi FB-UKSW
Abstract: Previous studies had obtained nine isolates from Acalypha indica rhizosphere cultivated in soil media contaning Cr (VI)-contaminated sludge from leathertanning and textile factory. All nine isolates were tolerant to Cr (VI) up to 100 µg.ml-1, yet which isolate is best as bioremediation agent for Cr (VI) remains unknown. The present study aims to obtain the best isolate as agent for Cr (VI)remediation and to elucidate its growth property as well as its characteristic inreducing Cr (VI). Screening to obtain the best isolate as well as growth characterization were conducted in Luria Broth containing 100 µg.ml -1 Cr (VI) under batch system, while determination of Cr (VI) reduction pattern was conducted in a fedbacth culture using the same medium. Luria Broth was also used to determine the effect of initial Cr (VI)-concentration on bacterial growth under batch system. The study revealed that the nine isolates were all Cr-reducing bacteria that could resist against Cr (VI) up to 100 µg.ml -1. Among the nine studied isolates, one isolate encoded as SpR3 showed the best ability in reducing Cr (VI). This isolate was able to reduce up to 90,8% of the initial Cr (VI) in the medium within 7 days. The highest Cr (VI) reduction rate occurred at stationary phase, indicating that Cr (VI) reduction was uncoupled to growth. Cr (VI) reduction that could take place at low specific growth rates under fedbacth system affirms this phenomenon. Specific growth rate decreased with Cr (VI)-concentration, while Cr (VI) reduction rate increased with Cr (VI)-concentration
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/4500
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