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Title: Pengaruh Penambahan Tepung Belut (Monopterus Albus Z.) terhadap Kandungan Protein dan Asam Lemak Tak Jenuh dari Tempe Kedelai Impor
Authors: Sutejo, Thio
Keywords: eel flour;protein;unsaturated fatty acid;tempe;imported soybean
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Program Studi Kimia FSM-UKSW
Abstract: Research on the Effect of Eels Flour Addition Toward Protein and Unsaturated Fatty Acid of importedsoybean of tempe were done inthe Laboratory of Food chemistry, Faculty of Science and Mathematics. Tempe was made from importedsoybean and added eels flour at various concentrations (0.4%, 0.8%, 1.2%, 1.6% and 2%). The objectives of this research were firstly to compare the effect of eels flour addition on the water content, protein and unsaturated fatty acids of import soybean tempe and secondly to determine the most favorite concentration of eels flour addition in term of texture, smell, taste and appearance.The measurement of the water and protein content, sample of tempe tested inFood Technology Laboratory of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology Unika Soegijapranata Semarang. The measurement of the unsaturated fatty acids content was conducted by measuring iodine number, while the organoleptic tests carried out by the passions acceptance test with 15 semi-trained panelists. The results of the research showed there was changes in the water content of tempe ranges from 57.95% (control) to60.63%, protein ranges from 18.28% (control) to 19.01% and unsaturated fatty acid content ranges from 12.37 (control) to 17.05. Organoleptic carried out on 15 semitrained panelists showed the addition of eel flour resulted in changes of the panelists acceptence response. Best response to tempe with eel flour addition was on sample D (eel flour 1.2%)
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/4669
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