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Title: An Analysis of Refusal Strategies used by Freshmen in English Teacher Education Program (ETEP)
Authors: Pramudita, Tan, Anastasia Irawati
Keywords: refusal;refusal strategies
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Program Studi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris FBS-UKSW
Abstract: This study is about the refusal strategies used by Freshmen of English Departmen of Satya Wacana. Garcia’s refusal strategies (1992) is employed to analyze the refusal strategies to decline requests, suggestions, offers, and invitations. 50 freshmen students of English Teacher Education Program of Satya Wacana Christian University are selected randomly to be the participants in this study. Discourse Completion Test (DCT) was used to obtain the response of refusal strategies employed by the participants. The researcher found that most respondents prefered to use regret/sorrow strategy to refuse requests, invitation, suggestion, and offers.However, direct refusal and mitigated refusal were most employed strategies to refuse suggestionand offers from friends. The study also found that actually the respondents did not really use one strategy. Instead, they mixed the strategies, which include reasons and explanations.
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/9856
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