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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Students’ Attitudes Toward Small Group Discussion in The Academic Reading ClassSilaban, Laura Mezba Cahayana
2015Students’ Attitudes Toward Teacher’s Indirect Written Feedback in Expository and Argumentative Writing CourseSetyorini, Endah Wahyu
2017Students’ Difficulties in Learning Noun Clauses in Intermediate Grammar ClassroomWardani, Elisse Setya
2016Students’ Learning Strategies in Learning Modal AuxiliariesWahyuni, Wiwid
2019Students’ Learning Strategies in The Academic Listening CourseMaturbongs, Stefani Jesica Christa
2017Students’ Perceptions Toward the Implementation of Group-Led Workshop as a Peer Teaching AssignmentAustin, Deborah Nathasa
2019Students’ Strategies to Overcome Grammatical Difficulties in WritingNatasya, Kharisma Putri
2016Students’ Strategies to Overcome Their Anxiety in Oral PresentationKurniawan, Oei Steffi Fernanda
2016Students’ Teacher Feedback Preferences in Argumentative WritingIkayanti, Aprilia
2016A Study on How EFL Students Handle Their Speaking ProblemsEveliana, Diesta Stela
2019Teachers’ Perspective on The Grammar Materials Based on Paul Nation’s Four StrandsSavitri, Dewi
2017Teacher’s Techniques in Motivating College Students in the Integrated CourseTriwibowo, Febri Dhany
2016Teaching Conditionals for University StudentsSetiawan, Laurensia Pamela
2016Techniques Used by Bethany Elementary School English Teachers to Gain Students’ InterestSimonne, Sabati Sandy
2016The Translation of English Collocations in “The Sea of Monsters” into IndonesianPutri, Vicky Kooswartono
2017Vocabulary Learning Strategies by The Freshmen in An English Language Education ProgramMamesah, Claudia Alma Putri
2016Vocabulary Learning Strategies Used by Sophomoresin Public Relations DepartmentGraceas, Octavian
2016Vocabulary Learning Strategies Used While Playing Dragon Nest MMORPGErlinda, Ivana