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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013T1_112009141 Judul : The Benefits and Difficulties of Using Literary Works in Teaching English as Foreign Language (EFL) Classrooms: A Perspective Study on Student Teachers of SMP Kristen Satya Wacana - Laboratorium UKSW (SMP Lab UKSW)Nugroho, Daniel
2012The Teachers and Parents' Perceptions on the Use of Bahasa Indonesia and English in Little Star Preschool and Realfun Rainbow Preschool, SalatigaAnnisa Widyastuti, Lidya
2013Teachers' Techniques In Teaching Vocabulary For The First Graders Of Laboratorium Elementary School SalatigaNatalia Dwi Wibowowati, Yunita
2013Teachers’s Techniques in Teaching Vocabulary for Young Learners in SD Al-Azhar SalatigaAmalia, Shinta Devi
2013Teacher’s Technique to Teach Speaking for the First Graders of Elementary SchoolKurniawati, Yoana
2013Techniques Used by English Teachers in Teaching Speaking to Senior High School Students: A Study at SMA N 1 PatiChristi, Efrita
2014The Underlying Reasons for Giving Journal Assignments in Academic Reading ClassAgnes, Olivia
2013The Use Of Indonesian In Teaching English At SMA 3 SalatigaRespati Ayu, Bunga
2013The Types of Frequently Asked Questions and The Purposes: a Study at Satya Wacana Children Center KindergartenFitriana
Jan-2008Understanding Holophrastic Speech Beyond Verbal UtterancesListyani
2013The Use Of English - Indonesian In Teaching Mathematics For The First Grade Students Of SDN Salatiga 06Rafsanjani Saputra, Muchammad
2012The Use of Storytelling to Teach English Adjectives for Kindergarten Children: a Narrative InquiryRamandani, Alninda