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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Facilitating EFL Students' Learning Grammar With Poems: Classroom Practice and Students' OpinionRagawanti, Debora Tri
2014Feedback Provided by Teachers During Their Teaching: A Study at Little Star Bilingual Pre-SchoolWulan, Ari Resti Sapto
2015Instructions Used in Teaching English for Adult Learners in Kota Bahasa Language CourseDeschara, Riry Frieta
2014Investigating Students' Writing Anxiety: A Study at English Teacher Education of Satya Wacana Christian UniversityTuppang, Karmi Serewara
2015Pre-service English Teachers' Concerns in Teaching Practicum Program as Reflected in Reflective Teaching JournalsArdiana, Warida Fibri
2015Pre-Service Teachers’ Attitudes towards Teaching Grammar during Their Teaching PracticumPrasetyo, Deddy Ika
2013Problems Encountered by Teachers in Applying Communicative Language Teaching in EFL Classroom: a Study at SMP N 2 PringapusApriliandaru, Elfira Widiarti
2015The Relationship Between Hall's Context Dimension and Indonesian-Speaking EFL Learners' ParticipationAsmani, Puput Putri
2014Student Teachers' Problems in Managing Classroom During Teaching Practicum: A Study at Banyu Biru Junior High Scool 01Cahyaningsih, Deasy
2015Students' Opinion on the Use of Group Work in Interpersonal Speaking Class: a study at The English Language Education Program of Satya Wacana Christian UniversityPhitaloka, Theodora Dyah
2014Students' Perception on Effective Teaching: A Small Scale Study at English Teacher Education Program Satya Wacana Christian UniversityMartanti, Tri
2014Students' View on Rich Vocabulary Instruction For Reading Comprehension: A Study at Banyubiru Junior High School 1Harianja, Godlas Hadi Saputra
2014Students' View on the Teacher's Use of Communicative Activities to Facilitate Students' Speaking Ability: A Study at International Program of Primary Teacher Education (PGSD) SWCUTyagita, Brigitta Putri Atika
2014Students' Views Toward Native and Non Native English Speaker Teachers: A Small Scale Study in SMP N 1 SalatigaBakti, Kristin Natalina Nugraha
2015Students’ Fear Towards Impromptu Speech Activities in Speaking Class at The English Department of Satya Wacana Christian UniversityTamonob, Andries Hinnani
2013Students’ Participations During Cooperative Learning Activities in Classroom in SMP Negeri 1 SalatigaPutra, Kadek Dwi Birantara
2013T1_112009141 Judul : The Benefits and Difficulties of Using Literary Works in Teaching English as Foreign Language (EFL) Classrooms: A Perspective Study on Student Teachers of SMP Kristen Satya Wacana - Laboratorium UKSW (SMP Lab UKSW)Nugroho, Daniel
2014Teacher Question in Reading Across Genre Class of English Teacher Education Program: Real Classroom Practice and Students PreferenceWidyastuti, Alvia
2014Teachers' Perspective on the Use of Games in English Teaching and Learning Process: A Study at Bethany Elementary SchoolKristanti, Dessy
2015Teacher’s Oral Corrective Feedback in EFL Junior High SchoolPersi, Vega Febrian