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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Challenges Faced by Student Teachers in Bilingual SchoolsPanjaitan, Kezia Kristin
2013Communication Strategies Used By Transactional Speaking Students in English Department of Satya Wacana Christian UniversityDewi, Monica Farah
2014Communication Strategies Used by XI Grade Students in Responding to English Teacher's Questions in SMA Kristen Satya WacanaKurniawati, Dea
2014Difficulties Faced by Mathematics and Science Teachers in Teaching Using English: A Study in SMAN 1 SalatigaPutra, Albertus Ronny Rizal Anggoro Octavin Asmara
2015Difficulties in Teaching Grammar in Junior High SchoolDewi, Murti Sari
2016EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Deficiencies During Computer-Mediated CommunicationWijaya, Maria Laurensia Adeline Angelika
2014English Teachers' Beliefs Toward the Use of Indonesian in English ClassSuheru, Sharon Angela Ivana
2016Faculty of Health and Sciences Students’ Perceptions Towards Teachers’ Use of L1Handayani, Wulansari Ika
2016Faculty of Language and Literature Students’ Anxiety in Listening ClassesYasmine, Syarifah Amalia
2014Feedback Provided by Teachers During Their Teaching: A Study at Little Star Bilingual Pre-SchoolWulan, Ari Resti Sapto
2014Grammar Gaps Between the Reading Passages in Executive English Reading Coursebook and An Economic Textbook: A Study in the Faculty of Economics and Business StudentsSoekias, Kethryne Rothe
Jul-2007Implementing Second Life in Education and Language LearningTimotius, Anne Indrayanti
2013Issue of Intelligibility as a Main Goal in Teaching Pronunciation: teachers’ perspectivesCahyalita, Rhany Dhewani
2014Kinds of Teacher's Oral Feedback in Public Speaking ClassMelati, Yohana Ditha Ayu
2016Listening Strategies Used by ELEP Students in Listening ClassesPurnomowati, Yanti Ratna
2016Parents’ Attitudes Toward Bilingual Education ProgramGunawan, Vania Hendra
2016Parents’ Attitudes Toward Sending Their Children to a Bilingual School in SalatigaFlorency, Natasya
2014Problems Faced by English Department Students of Satya Wacana Christian University in Integrated CourseNanda, Steffie Lissia
2017Reasons Behind Inappropriate Students’ Behavior in the English ClassroomPrastika, Lunasia Meda
2013The Reasons of Using Code Mixing and Switching in Updating Facebook Status for ED Students as the Implication of Being BilingualPangestuti, Kharisa Fatriyana