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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The Use of Project Based Learning in Learning Report TextElsa
2016The Use of Student Talk to Teach Pronunciation to Eight Graders in SMPN 7 SalatigaRistiani, Dwi
2014Vocabulary Learning Strategies in Critical Reading Class of English DepartmentKristie, Febria Vinka
2014Vocabulary Learning Strategies Used by 8th Graders in SMPN 1 BanyubiruDhewi, Yulia Kusuma
2013Vocabulary Learning Strategies Used By English Department StudentsTheresiawati, Septiana
2015Vocabulary Learning Strategies Used by FLL Students in Extensive Reading ClassDwitama, Stanley Deddy
2015Vocabulary Learning Strategy by students in SMP Negeri 6 AmbarawaPrimadi, Arif
2016Vocabulary Profile in The 8 Grade English Textbook Used in Anak Terang Junior High SchoolPutri, Annisa
2016Vocabulary Profile in The Tenth Grade English Textbook Used in SMK N 1 SalatigaIwan, Raissa Junita
2016Vocabulary Profile of Academic Listening Materials Used in The English Language Education ProgramWiharmastu, Joannita Ratih
2016The Vocabulary Profile of English Short Story Books at The Library of Satya Wacana Laboratory SchoolsLie, La Valerie Novianne
2016Vocabulary Profile of English Textbook Used in Vocational High School Grade XILugiyanto, Iwan
2016Vocabulary Profile of Graded Readers Used inThe Faculty of Language and Literature, Satya Wacana Christian UniversityPutri, Pawinda Tiffany
2016The Vocabulary Profile of Students’ Textbook Used in The Management and Global Business Strategy CourseBimandari, Ratih Chandra
2016The Vocabulary Profile of The English Textbook Used in The 10TH Grade of Satya Wacana Christian Senior High School SalatigaYuliani, Anestasia
2016Vocabulary Profile of The Ninth Grade English Textbook Used in SMPN 7 SalatigaAlfian, Elis Herdiani
2016The Vocabulary Profile of The Students’ Theses at The English Language Education ProgramSuciyanti, Nova
2016Vocabulary Teaching Techniques Used by Junior High School English Teachers in SalatigaJohnson