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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The Academic Writing Students' Perceptions Toward PreWriting Activities: A Qualitative Study on Academic Writing ClassesPratiwi, Dian
13-Sep-2018Analisis Pendapatan Pada Perkebunan Rakyat Kelapa Sawit Dan Karet di Kecamatan Kampar Utara Kabupaten KamparPuruhito, Dimas Deworo; Listyani; Kurniawati, Fitri
2012An Analysis of Errors in The Use of Article in The Narrative and Descriptive Writing StudentsTri Hapsari, Christianti
2013An Analysis Of Speaking Exercises/Activities Of An English Textbook Used In SDN Pakis 02 Bringin Seen From Communicative Activities Proposed By Richards (2007)Aprilia Wahyuningsih, Petra
2013The Benefits of Being Taught by Native English Teachers in Writing Class: students’ PerceptionsCahyaningrum, Istyana
2018The Benefits of Joining English Debating Society to Students’ Speaking SkillsHetharie, Arlien Thinesia
2012The Causes of Anxiety and Strategies to Minimize It: a Qualitative Study on Public Speaking StudentsHartrina Nurmadevi, Siska
2013A Close Study On Grammatical Errors Of An English TextbookAnggarawati
Nov-2012Conducive Learning Environment and Learners' Successful Self-Image: a Qualitative Research in an Academic Writing ClassListyani
Jul-2008Cultural Aspects in the Translation of Herge's Comic Series : The Adventures of Tintin: Red Rackham's TreasureListyani
2012Developing Students Pronunciation through Repeated Listening to Authentic Materials for Third Grade of Bethany Elementary SchoolAndriastuti, Yunita
2013The Difficulties Faced by SoE Lecturers in Teaching Interpersonal Speaking for English Department StudentsMariani Labito, Alce
2013Ed Pre-Service Teachers' Attitudes Toward Writing and Teaching WritingAyu, Dika Amanda
2012Elementary School Students Perception of 3rd Grade in SD 2 Pakis Jl. Merpati 34 D, Kabupaten Semarang Toward Learning Vocabulary Using MovieAlberta Gervais, Yonathan
2012English Department Academic Writing Class Students' Perceptions Toward Teacher Written FeedbackHapsari, Widhi
2013English Department Students’ Attitudes Toward English-Only Policy In Group Discussions In The ClassroomLeba, Elsa Emiria
2013English Story-Telling To Help Early Childhood Students' Physical, Linguistic, And Social-Emotional GrowthsPermata Sari Pranoto, Monica
2018Errors of Past Tense Inflection in Students Talk: Qualitative Study on Speaking for Social Purposes CourseHarbowo, Riezki
2020Essential Concepts in Second Language Teaching: A Reference for Students of EnglishAstika, Gusti; Kurniawan, Ardiyarso; Listyani; Setiamunadi, Antonina Anggraini; Wicaksono, Wimbo Pambudi
2013Five Pre-Service Teachers' Interaction Strategies Dealing with Passive Junior High School Students in English Class: A Study at SMPN 1 BanyubiruRakasiwi, Ratih