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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analyzing Voicing in LGBT News from a Bakhtinian PerspectiveJap, Victoria Louise Cahyajaya
Jan-2009Christian Discoursing Across Tellings of the Same Story: A Case in EFL Pre-Service Teacher's NarrativesMambu, Joseph Ernest
2018Collaborative Learning Among Learners to Enhance the Less-Proficient Students’ Learning in The ELT Classroom: A Case of A High School in SalatigaNue, Marcelinus Pascalis
2016The Constructions of Political Views on the Case of the Death Penalty of Bali-Nine Convicts in The Jakarta Post's EditorialsAristuta, Antonius Yogi Puguh
2016A Critical Discourse Analysis of Advertising Language Used in “Femina” and “Prestige” MagazinesSuryatno, Stephanus
2017EFL Students’ Views on the Negotiation of Their Javanese Identity When Using EnglishPrastiwi, Elisa Noventia
2016Ele Students’ Attitudes Toward Teachers’ Use of Code-Switching in ClassHandriyo, Ivana Christina
2016Error Analysis of The English Writing Assignment of Vocational School StudentsPermata, Maureen Decinta Nira
2016Exploring Opportunities and Challenges in Incorporating Sociocultural Issues into ELT in a Vocational High School in SalatigaAriyanti, Rintan
2016Incorporating Critical Pedagogy Through Problem Posing, Dialogue, and Conscientization in A Junior Highschool in SalatigaIkhtiar, Teduh Pitutur Wicak
2018Indonesian-Based High School EFL Teachers' Cognitions and Practices Related to the Integration of Social Justice Issues in ClassSulistyowardani, Margaretha
2017Integrating Character Education into Language Learning: EFL Teachers' Spiritual Negotiation in Implementing Basic Competences of The 2013 CurriculumVivianingtiyas, Wiga
2018Investigating Speaking Classroom Activities at a Private Primary School in SalatigaArganto, Regiena Gaviola
2018Investigating Cultural Contents in Indonesian Produced ELT Textbooks and Their Use by EFL TeachersMarkus, Rivan Ray
2019Investigating EFL Students’ Responses Towards the use of Pronunciation Practice in Reader’s TheatreDewi, Caecilia Elsanetta Kurnia
2016Investigating Student Teachers’ Concerns During Teaching Practicum: an analysis of individual reflectionsAnindra, Ryandika Rizky
2017Investigating Teachers’ Integration of Critical Pedagogical Perspectives in Teaching Four Basic English SkillsPuspita, Aurelia Melinda Herka
2018Investigating the Implementation of Critical Pedagogy By In-Service English Teachers in SalatigaWulandari, Eviyanty Ari
2018Investigating the Influence of Teachers’ Beliefs in Choosing the Approaches of Grammar Teaching and Learning in EYL ClassroomsSantosa, Katarina
2019Investigating The Students’ Challenges in Extensive Listening ClassParamitha, Nathasa Gracia