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2015Locus of Control pada Remaja Akhir Tuna DaksaAmbarwati, Krismi D.; Using the theory Locus of Control (LOC) that was developed by Levenson (1973), this study aims to determine LOC in adolescents with physical disabilities and other factors that influence the participant’s perception of control. Levenson developed the Rotter’s unidimensional theory (1954), which are divided into three dimensions: internality, powerful other and chance. The number of participants in this study were two students who have a physical disability. The study conducted with the qualitative method in which both participants were depth interviewed by using interview guide and the model of interviews were interviews with general guidelines. Results: The results showed similarities and differences LOC of both participant in certain circumstances such as educational, social relation and expectation of the future career. The first participants are likely has an external LOC in educational, social relation and expectation of the future career, and the second participants likely has internal LOC in educational and expectation of the future career, but has external in social relation. In addition, both participants also have secondary control and develop religious coping in the face their physical disabilities.; Paramythia, Grace
2014Metode Teman Sebaya Dalam Mengembangkan Bakat dan Minat Remaja yang Tinggal di Sekitar Tempat Pembuangan Akhir (TPA) BlondoParamythia, Grace; Monalisa, Marlian Hedi; Farseen, Fahmi Luttif