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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Character Analysis In The Novel “The Shack”Based On Christian's TrinitarianismHadyanto, Yulius
Nov-2011Character Building through Poems: An Interactive Approach in Teaching PoetryDarta, Deta Maria Sri; Maria L.A.F., Suzana
2015The Characteristics of a Mother’s Child-directed Speech Used to Her Two-year-old Daughter(A Case Study)Kismiyati
2016The Characteristics of Effective English Language Teacher as Perceived by Senior High School StudentsRossiandy, Yemima
2012The Characteristics of Effective English Language Teachers in Students' PerceptionsHaryani, Lidia
Aug-2015Characteristics of nanosize spinel Ni0.9Fe2Co0.1O4 prepared by sol-gel method using pectin as an emulsifying agentSulistiyo, Septhian Try; Situmeang, Rudy
2013Characterization And Isolation of Vitamin E Isomers From Palm-Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD) By UV-Vis, Hplc, and Column ChromatographyAprilisa Martha, Sabrina
1-Dec-2010Characterization of Indonesian Traditional Alcoholic Beverages by Near Infrared Spectroscopy with Neural Network AnalysisKuswanti, Puji; Setiawan, Andreas; Rondonuwu, Ferdy Semuel; Sutresno, Adita
2015A Childhood Memory (Sebuah Karya Sonata untuk Kuartet Gitar)Arimatea, Van Gouh
Nov-2011Children Books as a Means to Bridge Local Culture and Language Learning: A Project ReportAnnita
Nov-2012Children Literary Texts Analysis as Tefl Side-Materials for Indonesia Young LearnersSriastuti, Anna
2014Children's Perception Towards an Orphanage's Activities : Case Study Of Unit Rehabilitasi Sosial Taman Harapan SalatigaSandika, Yohanes Pintu; Yuwono, Prapto
2014Children's Perception Towards an Orphanage's Activities : Case Study of Unit Rehabilitasi Sosial Taman Harapan, SalatigaSandika, Yohanes Pintu
Aug-2015Cholesterol profile due to granting of the rice bran types in rats with diet used cooking oilWasikin H., Eny Hartadiyati; Iswari, Retno Sri
Jul-2007Choral Reading: An Alternative Approach to the Use of Poems in English ClassesZacharias, Nugrahenny T.
Jan-2009Christian Discoursing Across Tellings of the Same Story: A Case in EFL Pre-Service Teacher's NarrativesMambu, Joseph Ernest
2013Christian EntrepreneurshipPollatu, Jola
Jun-2013Cinq compositeurs indonésiens de musique chorale sacrée, traduit par Pascal LedererListya, Agastya Rama
2015Cinta yang Mengubahkan: Resital VokalDarpitoyo
2017Circumstantial Evidence dalam Membuktikan Adanya Kartel di IndonesiaLetidjawa, Raymond Armando