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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2015The use of poster on thermodynamics for concept mastery and students attitude in Vocational High SchoolSusilawati; Huda, Choirul; Linuwih, Suharto; Sudana, I Made
2017The Use of Project Based Learning in Learning Report TextElsa
2013The Use of Sesame Street Program to Develop Pronunciation for Primary StudentsWijayanti, Maria Eka
2015The Use of Skype for Speaking Class ActivityKristyowati, Dian
2018The Use of Soft Systems Methodology to Resolve Hoax News Problems in IndonesiaHuda, N. A. Miftahul
2018The Use of Storybooks to Bridge Young Children in EFL Context Learning EnglishMargono, Vega Arinita
2012The Use of Storytelling to Teach English Adjectives for Kindergarten Children: a Narrative InquiryRamandani, Alninda
2016The Use of Student Talk to Teach Pronunciation to Eight Graders in SMPN 7 SalatigaRistiani, Dwi
2015The Use of Teacher's Questions in Satya Wacana Christian Junior High SchoolArum, Debora Mayang
2013The Use Of Tenses In Reading Texts “Let's Talk” Smp TextbooksArimba Puspita, Melisa
2012The Use of Tenses in Textbook for The Second Grade of Senior High SchoolLokitavera, Anindia
2016The Use of the Word ‘Galau’ Among Contemporary YouthAntonio, Kevin
2018The Use of Understanding by Design in Designing The Physics Lesson Plan with Newton’s Second LawSetyanto, Jessica Radiant
2015The Use of Westersn Loanwords in Spirit Section of Suara Merdeka NewpaperLahade, Stefanus Maranta
Mar-2012The Use “Indikasi Warna” as Model of Fast Feedback Method in Physics Learning on Forming Image in LensesFauziah, Siti Noor; Rondonuwu, Ferdy S.; Sudarmi, Marmi
2012Using Action Research to Improve Vocabulary Teaching in A Private Kindergarten in SalatigaPutri, Benediktin Yuniar Anindita
Nov-2011Using Critical Pedagogy to Criticize Methods of TEFLMadjdi, Achmad Hilal
2015Using Data Mining to Analyze Usage Pattern of Mobile Providers (Case Study PT. XL Area Salatiga)Taroreh, Andreas Artahsasta
2012Using GIS to Map Agriculture Potency in Timor Tengah Selatan West TimorPalekahelu, Dharmaputra Taludangga
2013Using Imagination as Defense Mechanism in L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green GablesUtami, Julia Wahyu