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Title: Pertunjukan Rakyat Berbasis Tradisi : Berdaya Menuju Industri Kreatif Melalui Enterpreneurship
Authors: Untung, Rachel Mediana
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Program Studi Magister dan Doktor Program Pascasarjana Universitas Negeri Semarang
Abstract: In the research I have done shows that creative activities such as performances can be included in the creative industries if they have a strong community base. The result of the community tayub performances research in Kabupaten Grobogan shows that the community building a system that makes the arts become a systems and bind to each other. The systems was build by many of artistic and non-artistic elements. Without the existence of the elements such as female dancers (joged or ledhek), stage manager (pengarih tamu), master of ceremony, male dancers (pengibing), the audience, the host, musicians, the sound, lighting, stage equipment and recording company, the tayub performance will be not complete. Tayub performance in Kabupaten Grobogan flourish because there is a fertility symbol in a broad meaning, such as fertility of the harvest, marriage, career success, and stages in life. This paper is directed to search a building theory that could indicat e that the performance-based communities can be empowered in order to be a strong creative industry. Tayub performance cannot be understand without the relation of a network of cultural production, distribution and consumption. This chain function to bind together into a unity that is systemically used. The system has been formed and not to be separate from the ability of the professionalism and entrepreneurship spirit of the elements of the show. The results of the study can be obtained as a policy that c an be used by policy makers (government) to direct the potential of the folk performance into a unit that can be empowered and have the competitiveness to face the ASEAN Economic community.
Description: Prosiding Seminar Antar Bangsa Membangun Kapasitas Kreatif dan Kesadaran Budaya Menuju Keunggulan Peradaban Bangsa. Universitas Negeri Semarang, p. 819-829
ISBN: 9786028054775
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