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Title: An Anlysis of Brigance's Motives in Winning the Trial Using Freud's Psychological Approach in Grisham's " A Time to Kill"
Authors: Wantika, Chionia Indra Wahyu
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Program Studi D III Sastra Bahasa Inggris FBS-UKSW
Abstract: On the world,English is a first international language communication equipment.I am so interested with this lesson,because is so very good to my relationship in next future.One of some kinds job are used an English is secretary.So,I am choosen concentration class in secretary Secretary is job where someone must assist her manager.And have many busy in office.Coresspondence,answer some missed call,writing a minutes,etc.This is a result of was doing in my work.I am was finishing on time. My paper is title with Hasanudin Satria Tunas Bangsa Kindergarten are located in Salatiga.Is about secretary.I am hope this essay can give solution and advantage for reader,a little about secretariat. This essay is containing with result my field practice in “Satria Tunas Bangsa” Indonesian Bethel kindergarten.In my college Satya Wacana Christian University.Are purpose to complete my finally task in my university.My object materiall in this kindergarten is about secretary world,are suitable with my consentration class are was choosen.
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