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Title: Hubungan Orangtua-Remaja dan Self-esteem Sebagai Prediktor Tekanan Teman Sebaya pada Remaja
Authors: Soetjiningsih, Christiana Hari
Keywords: vulnerability to peer pressure;adolescent
Issue Date: Nov-2010
Publisher: Program Profesional UKSW
Abstract: The aim of this study was to verify the effects of parent-adolescent relationship and adolescents' self-esteem to peer pressure on adolescent. The research subject were 398 adolescents consist of 202 males and 196 females, age span 15 to 18 years old that were randomly sampled from 48 high schools in Yogyakarta. Four questionnaires were used in collecting data. Multiple regression analysis were applied to analyzed the data. The important result of this study was the parent-adolescent relationship and self-esteem as predictors of peer pressure on adolescent (F=28,106, p<0,0l). The factors affecting the vulnerability to peer pressure as indicated by the effective contribution of 12% (R=0,353, p<0,01, Adjusted R Square=0,12). Based on the result of research, it was suggested that the efforts of preventing peer pressure on adolescent should simultaneously take the above mentioned factors into account by improving the quality of the parent-adolescent relationship and the adolescents' self-esteem
Description: enquiry : Jurnal Ilmiah untuk Peningkatan Profesional Vol. 03, No. 01, November 2010
ISSN: 1978-5410
Appears in Collections:Enquiry 2010 Vol. 3 No. 1 November

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