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Title: Media Literacy Strategy for Teenagers Based on Local Wisdom of Yogyakarta
Authors: Birowo, Mario Antonius
Darmastuti, Rini
Keywords: media literacy;teenagers;local wisdom
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: Chiang Mai University Thailand
Abstract: The rapid development of media technology makes teenagers easy access to media. Although the development of media technology allows ease of access, but also paradoxically presenting media information overload and possible loss of local cultural values due to intrusion of foreign cultures. Since media are ubiquitous, it cause media have a role in everyone's life. Impact of media presence can be positive or negative. The impact of the media is determined by the ability to consume media critically. Knowledge about media literacy will help teenagers in distinguishing which information that should be consumed from the media. This ability can be helped with ownership selecting filter media materials that are beneficial to their needs. Cultural values to be one of the filters that can be used in media literacy. This paper is the result of research conducted in Yogyakarta. It is interesting to find out how people put local wisdom as the basis of society in contact with the media. Yogyakarta is known as a centre of Javanese culture. People in this p lace hold the traditions of society as a part of way of life, so that Yogyakarta is known as a city of culture. People are trying to preserve the traditions of society. These activities enrich the study of media literacy based on local wisdom. Local wisdom contained in the culture leads people to act and behave towards the media. By using a qualitative approach with ethnography method, the authors sought to explore local wisdom possessed by the people of Yogyakarta. Local wisdom is used by teenagers to respond changes brought by the influence of mass media. Data of local wisdom are categorized in order to have a map related to media exposure. In conclusion, local wisdom mapping is useful in creating media literacy strategy for teenagers
Description: Communication/Culture and the Sustainable Development Goals (CCSDG): Challenges for a New Generation, Chiang Mai University, Thailand, December 17-21, 2015
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