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Title: Intercultural Communication in The Samin Community’s Movement as the Oldest Movement in Southeast Asia : The Case in The Construction of a Cement Factory in Sukolilo, Pati, Central Java
Authors: Darmastuti, Rini
Purworini, Dian
Keywords: intercultural communication;samin;movement;language;Southeast Asia
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: Universitas Padjadjaran
Abstract: Government's plan to set up a cement factory in collaboration with Semen Gresik in Sukolilo Pati, Central Java, has failed. The business establishment of a cement plant by PT Semen Gresik and Semen Indonesia has not been successful, because the rejection from the Samin community and communities around that area. The Samin community movements that exist in and around refuse Sukolilo Cement plant construction is an interesting phenomenon to be observed. It is said interesting, because the Samin community’s movement has been done since tens of years ago that pioneered by their leader, which is known as Samin Surosentiko. Samin community’s movement in view of King is regarded as a middle-class peasant movement. King’s argument is based on the characteristics of the passive movement Samin community and rational. Anthropologists Amrih Widodo said, the Saminisme movement is a social phenomenon that is the oldest in the Southeast Asia, which emerged as part of the peasant movement, which is often referred to by historians as proto-nationalist movement. Peaceful ways that has done by Samin Surosentiko when playing against this Dutch colonial then used by the Samin community who are in Sukolilo at this time. How the Samin community against the Dutch Colonial as well as how they rejected the cement factory are a unique way. Peaceful means that they took a resistance strategy that smooth but nothing to do. One way that is used by Samin community in expressing Economics is to use a game language. There is a great power through the language that they use. Through in-depth interviews and direct observations with existing Samin community in Sukolilo during January 2014 and in previous years, the authors obtain an overview of intercultural communication by Samin community.
Description: Proceeding 10TH Biennial Convention of the Pacific and Asian Communication Association (PACA) “Beyond Asia : Communicating Asian Culture to the World”. Universitas Padjadjaran June 24-26, 2014
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