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Title: Nasionalisme Indonesia di Era Sosial Media
Authors: Darmastuti, Rini
Keywords: social media;nationalism;social media effect;literacy of social media
Issue Date: Oct-2014
Publisher: Yayasan Bina Darma
Abstract: Today is an the era of globalization, when all parts of the world can be connected (John Naisbith). There is no more limits of space and time, especially when the internet, specifically social media comes as a media liaison between one part of the world to the other part. Many people who likes social media and use it for the bargaining position (bargaining) to resolve the problems. Not a few who take advantage of the facility's social media to boost its popularity. Consequently, massive movement in an instant can be done with spectacular results, including cemented or reinforce the nationalism. Like a "Double edged sword", Social media comes with a positive and negative effects (impact). On the one hand, social media can strengthen nationalism, but on the other side, social media can destroy nationalism itself The role of social media to nationalism can be described as a knife, The role of social media for nationalism can b, described as a knife andfunction ofthe blade is determined by who want to using it.
Description: Pax Humara : Jurnal Humaniora Yayasan Bina Darma v.3, no.3, Oktober 2014, p. 345-357
ISSN: 23373512
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