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Authors: Nugroho, Yafet Arie
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Fakultas Seni Pertunjukan
Abstract: “The Journey” is a music program composition which tells about the writer’s experience with his family. The whole story of The Journey is a narrative description of the writer’s family. There are three important parts of “The Journey”, that was made into a story with a musical expression, Green Happiness, Anxious Days, and Miracle to Believe. The three compositions were made in order, and have leitmotif that describes and connects each member of the writer’s family. Leitmotif was also used to describe the emotions, both sad and happy feelings. This composition is trying to guide the audiences to enjoy and understand the story through the leitmotif, dynamics, tempo, and the others elements. In this composition, string quartet has became one of the music ensemble that illustrated the story. Range of the sound, characters of the sound, and the techniques of the string quartet, describe the characters, emotions, and the idioms like the sound of rain, collision, siren of the ambulance, etc. We hope that this composition may give references and inspiration for the music development, especially for the music program and the string quartet.
Description: Teks lengkap dapat diakses di layanan Serial, lantai 3 Gedung Perpustakaan.
Other Identifiers: 10110214DC
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