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dc.contributor.advisorSriastuti, Anna-
dc.contributor.authorMahendrawan, R Brahmantya-
dc.description.abstractJane Eyre is an attractive novel to analyze, because the story is very unusual. It told about a love relationship between girl named Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester. Jane Eyre was blinded by love although Rochester had a wife and locked her in the attic. Jane already knew ii Rochester. Jane still fell in love and accepted all of the flaws from Rochester (including blindness because the fire tragedy at Thornfield) Based on that unusual thing, the writer is tempted to analyze this novel. This paper was made to find out the character development through conflict in Charlotte Bronte novel Jane Eyre. The writer used the theory of character development and conflict to find the main character’s character development. The character development appeared because the existence of conflicts. At the end of the paper the writer concluded that were some changes in the main character found.en_US
dc.publisherProgram Studi Sastra Bahasa Inggris FBS-UKSWid
dc.titleA Study of Jane Eyre’s Character Development Throught Her External Conflicts in The Novel Jane Eyreen_US
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