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Title: Main Character’s Politeness Strategies in the Movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Authors: Isbhandono, Andhi Suryawan
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Program Studi Sastra Bahasa Inggris FBS-UKSW
Abstract: Politeness is an interesting topic in the social study of languages to be researched. People can find politeness in real social life easily. When they interact with other, there is politeness inside. Politeness is the basic to the production of social order and a precondition of human cooperation (Brown & Levinson: 1987). Politeness can be described in someone’s behavior. Politeness also can be found in the movie. In the movie, actors have dialogue that showing politeness. The researcher chooses the movie entitle “The Grand Budapest Hotel” to analyze the politeness strategies which are showed by Monsieur Gustave as the main character and why he used the strategies. The researcher makes Brown and Levinson’s politeness theory as main framework in processing the paper. The data are taken from its film’s script as the data by noting, choosing, and classifying the utterance into appropriate strategies. Finally, by using Brown and Levinson’s politeness theory and the methods the researcher used, the researcher found that Gustave H used all of politeness strategies but not all of sub-strategy for each politeness strategies he used. The researcher also found the reason why does Gustave H use those politeness strategies. Therefore, the researcher has finished this study entitle MAIN CHARACTER’S POLITENESS STRATEGIES IN THE MOVIE “THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL”.
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