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Title: Optimalisasi layanan administrasi kantor dengan system informasi manajemen (eksplorasi service excellent pada layanan administrasi organisasi nirlaba)
Authors: Sugiarto, Agus
Silintowe, Yunita Budi Rahayu
Pasharibu, Yusepaldo
Keywords: service excellent;management information system;office administration services
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Fakultas Bisnis dan Pascasarjana Unika Widya Mandala Surabaya
Abstract: Superior service (or service excellence) need to be created and well organized, so it can fulfill the stakeholder's need more rapidly, accurately, and completely. Nowadays, the synergy between administration services and the development of information and communication technologies is supporting information management efficiently. Providing service excellence which can satisfy the stakeholder's needs is the important component to support the sustainability of any organization, whether profit or non-profit organizations. Preliminary observation about the office administration services in the non-profit organization, especially in the administration services of some churches in the region of Salatiga was done. It showed that the services provided were not optimal. Based on that preliminary findings, further exploration with interview, observation, and focus group discussion about administration services were conducted in several non-profit organizations. The results showed that the resources that these organizations owned (including hardware, software and human resources) are still not able to provide service excellence, but only has the potential that needs to be optimized.
Description: Proceeding The 8th NCFB and Doctoral Colloquium Towards a New Indonesia Business Architecture : Crisis Management: Key to Sustainable Business Development. Fakultas Bisnis dan Pascasaijana Unika Widya Mandala Surabaya, p. 690 - 701
ISSN: 19786522
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