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Title: Strategi Pemasaran Desa Wisata Menari Kabupaten Semarang
Authors: Bira, Randi Adrie
Keywords: tourism village;marketing strategy;tourism village festival
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Program Studi Destinasi Pariwisata FTI-UKSW
Abstract: Tourism is a non-oil based leading industry which moves in service sector. Indonesia has various potentials with its beautiful nature and uniquiness of cultures in each area. Central Java, especially Semarang Sub-District has a great potential in tourism both nature and culture. Menari Tourism Village is one of tourism villages in Semarang Sub-District which is very attrative and interesting. Regarding to its potential, this village is becoming a mainstay of village tourism in Semarang Sub-District. This village has received more visitors every year compared to other tourism villages in this Sub-District. Therefore, the research was conducted in this site especially on how the marketing strategy applied to generate numerous visitors. The research used qualitative method to get insights of the marketing strategy in Menari tourism village. The result showed that by conducting a tourism village festival, this village can successfully and effectively generate 3000 visitors in 2015. However, the branding was somewhat misleading to future visitors and the pricing of product package offered to visitors need to be reviewed.
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