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Title: Remastering Ubuntu Karmic Koala untuk Membangun Distro Pemantau Kinerja Jaringan Komputer
Authors: Pebriananta, Andi
Widiasari, Indrastanti Ratna
Bayu, Teguh Indra
Keywords: remastering;network monitoring;recontructor
Issue Date: Aug-2011
Publisher: Fakultas Teknologi Informasi UKSW
Abstract: A network administrator needs a network monitoring system to know performance of computer networks for better or worse. Linux becomes the operating system of choice for network administrators to monitor network performance. However, various Linux distributions that are not yet a full set of software needed by network administrators. These problems can be solved by using Remastering techniques. Remastering technique that uses Recontructor can produce a new Operating System needed by network administrator. Remastering allows additional software required, and reduction of unnecessary software, and then wrapped them back into an ISO file. By addition of the required software and the elimination of unnecessary software, then generated a new Operating System that have a computer network performance monitoring tool functions.
Description: p. 150-162
URI: http://repository.uksw.edu/handle/123456789/1323
ISSN: 1693-8348
Appears in Collections:Aiti 2011 Vol. 8 No. 2 Agustus

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