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Title: Melerai Konflik Antardesa (Studi Sengketa Air Desa Udanuwuh dengan Desa Dlingo)
Authors: Sukmawan, Danang Adi
Yuwono, Prapto
Keywords: otonomi daerah;konflik penggunaan air;pemerintah desa
Issue Date: May-2012
Publisher: Program Pascasarjana UKSW
Abstract: Regional autonomy must be understood as a process of democratization, open the space of democratic governance, responsive to the public interest, and maintain decision-making mechanisms that adhere to the principle of public accountability. But behind the above advantages, there are some disadvantages, such as excessive aspiration can lead to disintegration, which causes conflict of interests is growing, particularly conflict of using the natural resource. Water use disputes of the Udanuwuh village and the Dlingo village is an example of conflict of using water resources not only between people in two villages, but involves two regencies, namely Boyolali Regency and Semarang Regency. This study shows that the solution of the conflict depends on the role of mediator, the pattern of negotiation, legal certainty, and coordinative functions of governments.
Description: p. 155-173
ISSN: 0215-4765
Appears in Collections:Kritis Vol. XXI, No. 2, Mei-Agustus 2012

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